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Energize Everywhere, Anywhere, EVERYTIME

JungKwanJang's Everytime, Power Full Deer Antler, and Energy Boost Sticks are coming soon to your nearest Sprouts!

Enjoy Full Ginseng Benefits On-The-Go

What's In Our JungKwanJang Sticks?

  • EVERYTIME 2G is formulated with 2000mg of Korean Red Ginseng extract for newcomers for a smoother taste. Enjoy all the benefits in a portable stick. Pick up a pack and enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

  • ENERGY BOOST provides sustained, caffeine-free energy from six-year-old ginseng root extract and honey.

  • POWER FULL liquid stick with Deer Antler Velvet, ideal for athletes and the elderly to boost power, support muscle and joint rejuvenation, and enhance workouts.

Transform Your Energy Levels, The Natural Way

Boosted Energy & Stamina: Naturally boost your daily energy to power your active lifestyle.

Strengthen Immunity: Harness adaptogenic properties to alleviate stress and enhance overall well-being.

Reduce Stress: Enjoy the convenience of compact, easy-to-carry sticks for a health boost anywhere, anytime.

Portable Health-Boost: Take your health boost on the go with our compact, easy-to-carry sticks.

Clears Brain Fog

"I'm not really a morning person, but I've been more alert and focused after taking this. I've been trying to quit coffee for the longest time without success, but this has helped me quit coffee. It's been two weeks and can't wait to see more results."

Sarah Chang

Good Quality Product

This is a needed drink (like coffee) once everyday. It helps you immuned and energized. The box actually comes in very good quality as well.


Power Without The Jitters!

Grateful to have found this for my weightlifting routine. I take the single serving pack and burn around 33% more calories in the same timeframe as my typical routine. No jitters, no issues, just power! Yes please!

Jacqueline Habib

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Save $4.00 for One (1) JKJ Power or Energy Sticks

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