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Ginseng and Monthly Discomforts Women May Experience

Ginseng and Monthly Discomforts Women May Experience

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There are few more defining experiences of womanhood than menstrual cycles. These cycles signify a rite of passage from childhood and their regularity signals internal health. Unfortunately, along with these joys, come physical pains and psychological discomforts.

Cramps, general abdominal discomfort, fatigue, sleep disruption, mood instability, and even hot flashes are among the symptoms associated with menstruation. These discomforts can be no more than a mere annoyance, or they can significantly impact our day-to-day functioning.

There are many man-made and all-natural remedies on the market for the symptoms associated with monthly cycles. Among the options for natural remedies is Korean red ginseng. There are numerous ginseng supplements, some specifically targeted at reproduction discomforts.


For many women, the experience of monthly or near monthly menstrual cycles is standard. These cycles act to both signal healthy body functioning and a period of physical discomfort and mood instability.

Beginning for some as early as eight or nine and ending for some as late as their 50’s, these monthly or near monthly cycles are a signal of health. Sufficient nutrition, sleep, manageable stress levels, and overall reproductive health all effect the regularity of these cycles.


Unfortunately, for most who experience this monthly routine, these cycles also bring moderate to significant physical discomforts. These discomforts include cramps, bloating, fatigue, mood instability, and sometimes temperature irregularity (hot flashes).



Cramps can range in severity from minorly annoying to debilitating. Cramps are caused by the contractions of the uterine wall that occur shortly before or during menstruation. The hormone-like prostaglandins that trigger these contractions also cause this discomfort.

Korean red ginseng may help alleviate general discomforts associated with menstruation such as abdominal pain and constipation. Further, the proprietary blend in Koreselect Balance contains Peony root, an herb associated specifically with alleviating menstrual cramp discomfort.

Peony root is a traditional Chinese medicine for menstrual discomforts and reproductive issues. Peony root is one of six ingredients included in the Taohong Siwu Decoction, a traditional Chinese remedy for menstrual cramps, among other women’s health issues.


Fatigue often precedes and/or accompanies menstruation. One contributing factor for this is low iron from blood loss during menstruation. Other factors include decreased serotonin and estrogen. As well, many experience sleep disruptions which further diminish energy levels.

Clinical experiments have linked Korean ginseng consumption with reduced fatigue. Fatigue is a complex symptom caused by a host of factors including oxidative stress, hormonal imbalances, amino acid imbalances, and other metabolic, psychological, and immune deficiencies.

Korean red ginseng is thought to be associated with improved energy levels and fatigue recovery. Though the exact mechanisms through which this occurs is yet unknown, experiments do conclude that Korean red ginseng consumption is linked to reduced fatigue.


Mood instability is caused by a complex of lifestyle factors including poor sleep and diet, lack of exercise, and work stressors. As well as myriad physiological factors such as immune issues and other organ system disorders, psychological conditions, and nutrient deficiencies. 

As with fatigue, Korean red ginseng’s moderating effect on mood stability is a result of its effect on a host of influential physical and psychological factors. Ginseng consumption has been linked to reduced instances of anxiety, depression, and psycho-somatic physical issues.

Ginseng mainly regulates mood by balancing hormones and the coordination of hypothalamic (the region of the brain associated with emotions), pituitary (which helps regulate hormones), and adrenal (releases “fight or flight” inducing hormones in response to stress) systems.


While less common, hot flashes do occur prior to or during menstruation in some people. These can be extremely uncomfortable, exacerbating the other physical discomforts and disrupting sleep, adding to the fatigue and mood instability that often accompanies monthly cycles.

Hot flashes most likely happen because of the changing hormonal levels during menstruation (and menopause). During ovulation, progesterone (a key hormone regulating menstrual cycles) levels increase and this increase in turn causes an increase in body temperature.

Consuming Korean red ginseng has been associated with “thermoregulation,” or internal temperature regulation. Ginseng may also be associated with a slightly lowered body temperature in normal temperature settings and regulation in high and low temperature settings.


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