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Ginseng Drinks for the Whole Family

Ginseng Drinks for the Whole Family

Every single member of the family can now enjoy beverages that promote better health and happiness.

There are many fun ways to spend quality time with your family, and enjoying a warm cup of tea is one of them. Having regular tea time with them not only allows you to bond with members of the family, but you also get to restore and enhance your wellbeing.

Six-year-old Korean red ginseng tea is known to calm the mind, boost mental well-being and mood, among many others. In fact, it has been a popular medicinal herb for over 2,000 years. That is why it’s the best type of tea to take if you want to promote better health and happiness for you and your family. 

KRG isn't only available in traditional tea form. Aside from consuming it as a warm cup of tea, you can also drink it as a refreshing cold juice. But whichever you choose to offer your family, you are sure going to reap the benefits of this super herb.

Here are the different types of red ginseng drinks you can have with the family:

Red Ginseng Extract Instant Tea

You can enjoy the potent and robust taste of the best Korean red ginseng conveniently with the Red Ginseng Extract Instant Tea. There is no need to shave ginseng roots, boil water, and use a tea ball. Each packet already contains quickly dissolving granules of six-year-old Korean red ginseng root extract in bold amounts and jujube fruit extract. Just add honey if you want a sweeter blend. And since they come in small packs, you can have ginseng tea with your family anywhere.

Because of its strong ginseng flavor, the Red Ginseng Extract Instant Tea is ideal for the adults of the family.

Red Ginseng Instant Tea

KRG can also be prepared as a refreshing glass of tea juice during warm days. The Good Base: Red Ginseng & Pomegranate is an all-natural health drink that is a mix of Korean red ginseng and pomegranate. Pomegranates are chock full of vitamins, which include Vitamins C, B1, and B2, as well as potassium and polyphenols. This drink is also free from additives like artificial food coloring, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Because Good Base: Red Ginseng & Pomegranate comes in stick packs, you and your family can enjoy this health drink anytime and anywhere.

I-Kicker Apple and Grape

Apple and Grape

Get the younger ones to drink KRG with I-Kicker Apple and Grape. It is a health drink formulated especially for kids of the family. It contains Korean red ginseng and natural apple or grape extract with a taste kids would love. As with Good Base, i-Kicker does not have any artificial flavoring and preservatives as well.

The i-Kicker drink is best for kids four years old and above, and they can take one juice packet once or twice daily.

Lastly, a good Korean red ginseng refreshing energy drink for the entire family is Hong Sam Won. It is made of six years grown Korean red ginseng extract with sweet Jujube fruit, yummy cinnamon, and aromatic ginger. And the best thing about this drink is that it has zero preservatives and is caffeine-free, so anyone in the family can surely enjoy it.

Enjoy red ginseng with a mild flavor with one to two pouches every day for healthier well-being and mood.


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