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Health Benefits of Ginseng for Blood Circulation

Health Benefits of Ginseng for Blood Circulation

Korea Ginseng Corp provides customers with the best Korean red ginseng available on the market.  Korean red ginseng boasts excellent health benefits.  It can help promote immunity from viral and bacterial disease and improve overall immune functioning.  Korean red ginseng can also support circulatory system function.

Our product stands out from other products due to the high quality of Korean ginseng we use.  Our Korean ginseng has aged for six years, and we use a special processing method to steam and dry our Korean ginseng, which lends Korean red ginseng its reddish appearance.

Korean red ginseng may help promote the health of blood cells and support cardiovascular health

Decades of research has demonstrated that Korean red ginseng boasts a variety of health benefits.  We have collected the research on Korean red ginseng on our site here. 

Korean red ginseng is associated with a variety of beneficial effects to combat anemia and high blood pressure, and to promote the health of the circulatory system.  Murata and colleagues, a Japanese research team, showed that Korean red ginseng is associated with recovery from anemia and boosting red blood cell and thrombocyte levels.  Both a Korean team of researchers, led by H.K. Hoon, and a Japanese research team led by N. Saito, found that ginseng offered positive indications in helping control and potentially lower high blood pressure.  A study conducted by Takahashi et al. (1989) found that red ginseng supports cardiovascular health by promoting healthy cardiac output without increasing blood pressure and heart rate. 

Korean red ginseng offers many health benefits to support circulatory system function

A number of studies have shown that Korean red ginseng contains an analogue of insulin, the hormone responsible for the regulation of blood sugar, called saponin G-Rb2.  The saponin G-Rb2 compound can help support normal blood sugar levels by promoting normal sugar metabolism, which is also associated with lower cholesterol levels.  V. Vuksan and colleagues, researchers in Canada, showed that ginseng is linked to indicators of lower blood sugar and may potentially be helpful in controlling excess blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes.

The circulatory system and immunity

The immune system relies on the circulatory system to fend off disease.  The body’s white blood cells are the immune defenders of the body and travel through the circulatory system to lend the body immune support.  Ginseng also, therefore, confers immunity benefits through its positive effects in supporting immune system function.  Panax ginseng, which is the type of Asian ginseng used in Korea Ginseng Corp’s Korean red ginseng products, has a beneficial effect on many of the body’s immune system mechanisms.  Ginseng extract has been shown to improve the activity of macrophages, which are molecules which are tasked with the destruction of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses (Kang and Min, 2012).  Ginseng is well known as a modulator of the immune system, and ginseng root and extracts have long been used for enhancing one’s resistance to illness and disease.

In summary, ginseng’s beneficial effect on the circulatory system goes beyond blood vessels and cells to improve not only circulatory and cardiovascular function but also immune response.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s Korean red ginseng containing products can therefore support a healthy lifestyle and help promote both immune and circulatory function.


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