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How to Boost a Preschooler’s Immunity

How to Boost a Preschooler’s Immunity

Here are a few ways to keep your little child’s immune system strengthened.

A kid reaching preschool age is a milestone! A three- to four-year-old child is now more curious and adventurous. They are basically fearless! In preschool, they will be able to learn new things and socialize with kids their age. However, this would also mean that they are exposed to viruses, germs, and bacteria. That is why you should make sure that their immune systems are strong enough to combat these microorganisms.

How can you protect your kids from getting sick? Here are several ways to maintain a preschooler's immunity:

Offer healthy meals.

Offer healthy meals

Take the time to make their lunches special and make sure to include food that is packed with nutrients. Avoid giving them too many processed foods and instead give them healthy sandwiches, vegetables, and fruits. Veggies like green beans and carrots and fruits like strawberries and oranges contain carotenoids -- immunity-boosting phytonutrients. These nutrients help increase white blood cells, which fight infections. 

Make them take supplements.

Make them take supplements

Aside from serving them food high in nutrients, giving them supplements is recommended. Ginseng supplements, in particular, are known to be very effective in boosting immunity, even for preschoolers! CheongKwanJang's Kid Tonic 1 is a liquid ginseng supplement minus the bitter taste. It contains 100% of the best Korean red ginseng grown and matured for six years, plus deer antler extract, vitamin C, and other minerals that can all help enhance immune functions. Kid Tonic 1 is specially formulated for preschool-aged kids and comes in 15ml easy-to-open packs, so they are ideal for school lunches. 

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Avoid giving too many sweets.

Avoid giving too many sweets

Sweets are generally a big no-no for preschoolers. Aside from the risk of getting cavities that may destroy their milk teeth, their immune system may be compromised as well. Studies have found that consuming too many sugary foods curbs the immune system cells that defend the body from microorganisms. So instead of candies and chocolates for dessert, give them fruits like mangoes and strawberries.

Teach them the importance of handwashing.

Teach them the importance of handwashing

We cannot stress enough about the importance of cleaning those little hands. To prevent infection and the spread of disease, preschoolers should know how to watch their hands properly and the reasons they need to. Tell them about the good things that would happen when they wash their hands and the bad things that would happen when they don't. Explain it to them in ways that would make it easy for them to understand.

Boost sleep time.

Boost sleep time

Lastly, allow little kids to get a quality good night's sleep. Studies of adults have shown that being deprived of sleep can break down the body’s defense to infections. Sleep deprivation can reduce the number of natural killer cells that protect the body from microorganisms and cancer cells. The same is the case for children. According to pediatricians, preschoolers need 10 to 13 hours of sleep each night. So if they won’t take naps during the day, they can sleep at an earlier time at night.

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