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How to Stay Healthy at Work

How to Stay Healthy at Work

Learn a few tricks on keeping yourself protected from various illnesses and maintaining a healthy well-being.

Going out of the house to work means getting yourself exposed to viruses, bacteria, and germs. These microorganisms can cause mild or severe illnesses to the point where hospitalization is needed. That is why you must protect yourself to avoid contracting any of these diseases.

There are ways to keep your immune system strong enough to withstand any illness while at work. Keep yourself protected; follow these tips and include them in your daily routine:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is important, not because milk and cereal brands say so, but because it is true. Eating a morning meal provides the body with the necessary fuel it needs for your brain and body to work properly. Always try to eat a nutritious breakfast as well.

What makes a breakfast nutritious?

What makes a breakfast nutritious

A breakfast becomes nutritious if it includes unprocessed foods from the five food groups --  fruits, vegetables, grains, protein-rich foods, and dairy. Foods with complex carbohydrates like whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide fiber will help you feel full for a longer time. Stay away from processed and junk foods!

2. Maintain energy levels with supplements.

Maintain energy levels with supplements

After eating a healthy breakfast, it’s recommended to take supplements as well. Herbal ones, ginseng supplements, in particular, are good examples because they are natural, contain no caffeine, and do not have any side effects. Also, Korean red ginseng is known worldwide to boost the body’s energy levels.

Which ginseng supplement is the best in the market today?

Korean red ginseng

CheongKwanJang’s Extract Everytime is KGCUS’s current bestseller. This ginseng supplement is very popular because it contains 3,000 mg of 100% of the best Korean red ginseng per stick pack. This ginseng has been matured for six years to ensure its efficacy and potency. And because it is packed in stick pouches, Extract Everytime is can be conveniently brought and consumed anywhere. All you have to do is drink the extract straight from the pouch, once a day.

What are the benefits of drinking Extract Everytime?

Aside from boosting energy levels, Extract Everytime has loads of other benefits to the body. They include the following:

-Boosts immunity

-Helps with cognitive functions

-Allows you to recover from fatigue faster

-Supports healthy blood circulation

-High in antioxidants

If you are not a fan of ginseng’s bitter taste, you can resort to taking pills instead, as CheongKwanJang’s KRG Extract is also available in capsule form.

Where can you buy Extract Everytime?

Extract Everytime and other Korean red ginseng products can be bought at And for purchases of over $250 of non-promo items, you get to receive Donginbi Red Ginseng Homme Power Lifting Energy Essence until October 4, 2020.

3. Exercise on your way to work.

Exercise on your way to work

Exercising to work can mean walking or cycling to the office instead of taking the bus or driving your car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking around the office during coffee breaks can be considered exercise too.

How can exercise strengthen your immunity?

Regular exercise can boost your immune system by allowing your immune cells to perform effectively. It increases blood flow, can strengthen antibodies, and reduces stress and inflammation. 

4. Hydrate.


Make it a habit to drink water and make sure to consume at least one liter a day. Keeping yourself hydrated helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids and body temperature.

How can drinking water boost immunity?

Drinking enough water can keep the immune system immunity up by staving off infection. Staying hydrated helps the body eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause diseases. Water can naturally detoxify the body.

5. Wash your hands.

Wash your hands

Last, but not least is to always keep your hands clean. You won't be able to keep track of things you have touched, and you wouldn't know if the surfaces are infected with a virus or not. So to keep you safe, always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If water and soap are not available, 70% ethyl or isopropyl rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer will do.

How often should you wash your hands to keep you protected?

Wash hands as often as needed! Wash before and after preparing food, eating, and using the bathroom. You should also wash your hands before and after touching your face to ensure no bacteria or virus enters your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

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