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6 Natural Ways to Improving Male Testosterone Levels

6 Natural Ways to Improving Male Testosterone Levels
Healthy testosterone levels are critical for men to maintain their energy levels and support sexual health. If you have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels (Low-T), and are not interested in prescription pills, creams, or hormone boosting injections, then keep reading, for there are many all-natural ways to raise testosterone levels.

Have You Ever Considered:

Weight Loss (Yes, it’s True)

Excess weight (obesity) can negatively affect testosterone levels. It is important to maintain a healthy weight that is appropriate for your age and height. Shedding even 15 to 20 pounds can have a significant impact on testosterone levels.


What you lose in dieting, you can add here. Make weightlifting a part of your exercise schedule. If you do not have such an exercise regimen yet, make way for one immediately. Lifting weights have been shown to have positive effects on testosterone levels.

That doesn’t mean you need to immediately begin a punishing weight-lifting regimen. A 30 to 40-minute routine twice weekly is enough to bring about testosterone changes. In addition to raising testosterone levels, weightlifting can improve metabolism, which, in turn, may lead to weight loss. So, lifting weights can have multiple benefits, all potentially aiding in healthy testosterone levels.

Staying Active

One of the easiest ways to maintain healthy testosterone levels is to stay active. Indulge in a hobby, join a local sports club, get involved in local community activities, take time to participate in family activities – there are several enjoyable ways to stay active. Choose your favorite and move ahead!

Limit Processed Foods (Sorry!)

A well-balanced diet is important to improve testosterone levels. Limit the intake of sugar and processed foods; avoid them completely if possible.

Consider using Korean Panax Ginseng

The use of herbal remedies such as Korean Panax Ginseng is worth mentioning when exploring natural alternatives for achieving necessary testosterone levels. Panax Ginseng is an Asian native, and its roots are used as a natural remedy for (among many things) testosterone issues. The roots are available for use in many forms of natural supplements.

Korean Panax Ginseng has been shown to help improve sexual desire and satisfaction and support healthy function. It is also been associated with improved immune function and increased alertness.

Supplements made of premium Korean Panax Ginseng are usually premium priced. This is because only a select number of plants–those that have grown for at least five years - are chosen for processing and extraction.

Physician consultation is strongly recommended as the use of ginseng, which can interfere with some medications.

Do not Compromise on Sleep!

Adequate sleep is key to maintaining good testosterone levels. Men who are sleep-deprived for any number of reasons can witness a significant change in their testosterone levels with better quality sleep.

Testosterone levels change constantly. Levels are usually highest at apx. 4 AM. So, an erratic sleep pattern can alter testosterone production drastically. Therefore it is important to maintain a regular routine sleep schedule, as well.


Healthy testosterone levels can keep one positive, energetic, and sexually active. Sticking to a regular regimen of lifting weights and following a balanced diet can bring positive changes in testosterone levels within 4 to 6 weeks. Also, consider including Korean Panax Ginseng herbal supplements in your routine for greater testosterone benefit.

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