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Back To Life

Back To Life

It has never been more important than in the climate we are currently living in, to stand up and take charge of our health. There are so many different types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast that are predominant within the natural habitat of nature. With all things, there are some bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast that have a symbiotic relationship that can offer some type of benefit. For example, in the GI tract there are both normal bacterial flora that promote gut health; while other pathogenic bacteria that overgrow in the GI tract, the result can be diarrhea and other forms of GI infection which may include ulcers. There has to be a balance. Extremes on both ends of the spectrum are not healthy and can actually result in harm.

We live in a society where the news is constantly printing and posting minute to minute updates on virus PCR testing, viral antibody testing, and peaks in positive virus tests across the nation. Along with this news that is constantly being promoted within the media, there are just as many new recommendations both allopathic and naturopathic. With all these recommendations that are changing on a daily basis, it is even more important that each recommendation be clinically evaluated prior to making changes to one’s health.

With all the internet media attention that the pandemic has been receiving, it is more important than ever to stand and take control of your health. It is time to take back your life, and get back to life. Life is meant to live, thrive and be an opportunity for fulfillment. While these uncertain times can cause unnecessary anxiety, it is imperative that we stay unified and work together to promote our immune system so that we can succeed and return back to the normal life.

What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a complex system within the human body. There are two major arms to the immune system: the adaptive immune system and the acquired (innate) immune system. The immune system is very selective and works hard to fight pathogens and keep pathogenic invaders from crossing barriers therefore resorting to immune protection.

Types of immune systems

There are two main types of immune systems: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. The innate immune system is the immune system that one is born with; it is naturally occurring since birth. These cells include neutrophils, natural killer cells and monocytes. Also included in this innate immune system are complement proteins. Responses to infection occur effectively and rapidly. The adaptive immune system is also known as the acquired immune system. It is adaptive and develops as the individual’s immune system develops based on exposure. The immune responses in this category involve T-lymphocyte cells and B-lymphocyte cells (Immune Deficiency Foundation, 2020). These cells have memory and promote the ability to adapt to new antigen exposures. The immune system is quite complex and it's amazing how the body's natural ability to heal itself prevails. Therefore, it can be understood that keeping the immune systems healthy is imperative to the well-being of one's entire health.

Korean Red Ginseng and Immunity

Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries across the globe for the treatment of many different diseases by those who practice Eastern medicine. It is root that offers great benefit and one of its many strengths is its benefit in boosting immunity. Inflammation is a natural response to insults to the immune system. These insults to the immune system can be bacteria and/or viruses. When the body is exposed to these foreign invaders, the immune system begins by fighting back and this results in inflammation. Korean Red Ginseng promotes immunity by reducing chronic inflammation and promoting the healing process. Korean Red Ginseng has an anti- inflammatory property that provides benefits to many disorders. Korean Red Ginseng promotes lung function. The Korean Red Ginseng has effects on the different cells of the immune systems, both innate and adaptive. Korean Red Ginseng has been shown to boost dendritic cell function which is one of the primary defenses that the immune system uses to fight infections. Korean Red Ginseng also promotes immunity by also stimulating the natural effects of the T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes, macrophages and natural killer cells.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill

The Korea Ginseng Corp has been growing, cultivating and harvesting 6-year grown Korean Red Ginseng for many years. The Korea Ginseng Corp is a trusted producer of Cheong KwanJang’s red ginseng branded products that we all know today. They offer many different Ginseng Supplements that provide the consumer with only the highest quality of Korean Red Ginseng.

Red Ginseng

The Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill is are ginseng supplements that contains concentrated Korean Red Ginseng that has been grown and cultivated for 6 years prior to harvesting. This product is all natural, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill comes in an easy to consume pill form that does not contain any stimulants. This extract pill releases a steady state of energy that will help you stay focused all day long, without the unwanted side effects that are commonly associated with other energy supplements that contain stimulants. Korean Red Ginseng has benefits for both men and women. Those benefits include boosting immune system functionality, boosting energy and stamina, improving memory function, reducing stress and promoting sexual health. Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill is an all-natural supplement that promotes immunity.


Now, more than ever it is essential that we focus on our health, but taking charge and implementing natural, centuries old products that have been proven beneficial in boosting the immune system. Don't wait any longer to take control of your health. Start today.

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