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CheongKwanJang: 120 Years of International Excellence

CheongKwanJang: 120 Years of International Excellence

Korean red ginseng has been prized for its medicinal powers in the far and near east for centuries. One of the earliest references to Korean red ginseng’s potent medicinal properties comes from a Chinese medicinal text written in the first century. Since then, Korean red ginseng has become a staple health product across the globe.

Korean red ginseng is distinguished from both American and Siberian ginseng by its research-backed health properties. Specifically, Korean red ginseng has been consumed to promote mental and physical stamina, mental clarity, and emotional and physical balance.


You have likely heard of Korea Ginseng Corp. This is the parent company of the leading trifecta subsidiaries in Korean red ginseng products. CheongKwanJang is the part of this trifecta focused on Korean red ginseng health supplements.

CheongKwanJang basically translates to mean “products rightfully made in government-certified factories.” What does this mean? It means that the Korean red ginseng produced by CheongKwanJang hold claims to superior quality that are backed and officially certified by the full faith of the Korean government.

CheongKwanJang is the result of almost one and a quarter century of national effort and pride in Korea in producing the highest quality, most potent ginseng product on the market. It is the top brand for Korean red ginseng in Korea. In fact, it is a top ginseng brand world over. CheonKwanJang’s ginseng has exceptional quality and purity, surpassing others on the market today. Our Korean red ginseng is aged for six years before harvesting, which lends our Korean red ginseng products more potency.


As explained, CheongKwanJang is the governmentally-certified official Korean red ginseng brand of Korea. Korean red ginseng has been highly sought and valued for a millennium for its health benefits. In an effort to safeguard consumers from false or exaggerated claims to quality and potency by private vendors, beginning in 1899 the Korean government instituted an official Korean red ginseng brand.

Samjungkwa (the predecessor to CheongKwanJang) was established in 1899 to provide a government-certified standard of production and quality for the Korean red ginseng products then used in Northern East and Coastal Asia. This standardization set the stage for CheongKwanJang Korean red ginseng to corner the market as the best quality, highest potency Korean red ginseng on the market.


By 1956 Samjungkwa (later CheongKwanJang) was awarded a position within the Korean National Office of Monopoly. This move cemented ginseng’s position as a national product fundamental to the Korean economy and the ability of Samjungkwa (CheongKwanJang) to protect the standard of quality for Korean red ginseng products.

Between 1978 and 2015 CheongKwanJang saw a rapid increase in global exportation and sales. Reaching over a trillion sales for multiple consecutive years, CheongKwanJang has grown to be the global producer of Korean red ginseng. With factories and franchises across the globe – in Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe – CheongKwanJang has been repeatedly – nationally and internationally recognized as the global leader in producing the best Korean red ginseng health products.


CheongKwanJang has received numerous awards over the last century. Here I will highlight a few of the most prestigious global awards recognizing the highest standard of Korean red ginseng quality and production. At home, in Korea, CheongKwanJang has received numerous national recognitions both as a business and as a health supplement producer.

CheongKwanJang has also received international recognition as the “World’s No. 1 Ginseng Brand,” as well as recognition for achieving over one trillion sales in multiple consecutive years. CheongKwanJang is also certified Halal and has been awarded the “Good Manufacturing Practice” certification by the government of Saudi Arabia. CheongKwanJang has also completed International Food Safety Management System Standard certification.


Korean Ginseng Corp is the parent company of three of the most prominent ginseng brands on the market: CheongKwanJang, Good Base, and Donginbi. Korean Ginseng Corp – and each of its subsidiary companies – produce world class Korean red ginseng products enjoyed across the globe.

CheongKwanJang is dedicated to high-quality Korean red ginseng health supplements. Products include various health supplements such as capsules and tonics. Good Base sells Korean red ginseng snacks including fruit purées and drinks. Donginbi offers Korean red ginseng beauty and skin care products including skin cleansers and conditioners that can radiate your internal beauty for the external world.

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