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Choose The Peak of Quality: Why You Should Choose CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng

Choose The Peak of Quality: Why You Should Choose CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng

3 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose CheongKwanJang Korean red ginseng? The answer involves three interrelated questions:

Why should I choose Korean ginseng? Korean ginseng is the most widely used variety of ginseng. It has a variety of medicinal uses.

Why is Korean red ginseng the best form of ginseng? Red ginseng is the most potent form of Korean ginseng that science has shown may elevate mood and boost cognition.

Why CheongKwanJang Korean red ginseng? CheongKwanJang sells the highest quality Korean red ginseng on the global market.

Ultimately, the answer to all three questions come down to the quality and potency of the product.


The first question is why you should choose Korean ginseng over other varieties of ginseng – American being the second most common in North America. Essentially the answer comes down to proven effectiveness.


Korean and American ginseng are both of the Panax family. However, American “ginseng” is Panax quinquefolis and Korean ginseng is Panax ginseng. Thus, American “ginseng,” while of the same family as Korean ginseng, is part of a different genus. Essentially, this means that they grow in similar regions, look similar, and have basically similar chemical properties.

Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) has been shown to have more potent medicinal properties compared to Panax quinquefolis (American ginseng). Both Korean and American ginseng are used to support immune health, balanced blood pressure, balanced mood, and a host of other ailments or imbalances. However, Korean red ginseng’s efficacy is backed by scientific studies.


The second question is why you should choose red ginseng rather than white ginseng (the two forms of prepared ginseng). Here, the answer comes down to potency.


The two methods of preparing ginseng for medicinal use (or general consumption). One form involves air drying the root outdoors – this produces white ginseng (named for the resulting color of the dried root). The other form involves steaming the root. The name red ginseng, like white ginseng, is a reference to the resulting appearance of ginseng treated in this way.

Steaming is the preferred method for producing the best tasting, highest quality, and most medicinally potent ginseng. The steaming process introduces moisture and heat to the root causing a slight chemical reaction. This chemical reaction has been scientifically indicated to increase the medicinal effectiveness of the ginseng root.

Beyond causing a potency-enhancing chemical reaction, steaming ginseng root is also believed to actually produce a higher level of ginsenosides. Basically, ginsenosides are the key chemical property of ginseng which provides medicinal benefits such as promoting cellular production and repair and circulation and mental functioning enhancement. If you want to reap the benefits of Korean ginseng, red ginseng is the height of potency.


Finally, the third question comes down to why you should choose CheongKwanJang for your Korean red ginseng. This is a question of quality.


According to a 2015 report published in the Christian Science Monitor, four out of five major retailers were selling ginseng supplements under their store brand that did not contain the ingredients claimed on the packaging. Many instead contained various fillers, commonly garlic or rice powder. Though some also contained common household plants. In fact, some contained such a high proportion of fillers that they could hardly even claim the contain ginseng at all.

Since this article was published these major retailers have said they would abide by a cease-and-desist order on further production and sales, however the lesson still stands: when choosing a ginseng supplement stick with the tried and true.

CheongKwanJang is not only well-founded, originating in 1899, but it is backed by the full faith – and fully regulated by – the Korean government. Further, CheongKwanJang has received numerous accolades and certifications from recognition of unparalleled quality of their products, to stringent production standards. Beyond this, CheongKwanJang has become a global leader in Korean red ginseng health supplements, surpassing a trillion orders for multiple consecutive years. If you want Korean red ginseng, CheongKwanJang is the pinnacle of purity.


Korean Ginseng Corp produces world class Korean red ginseng products enjoyed across the globe. Its three subsidiaries are CheongKwanJang, focused on health supplements such as capsules and tonics; Good Base, which includes Korean red ginseng snacks including fruit purées and drinks; and a skincare line, Donginbi.

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