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Effective Habits to keep Warm in Winter

Effective Habits to keep Warm in Winter

How is everyone holding up in this cold weather?
Apparently, this winter is going to be a long and icy one on the east coast.
Well, the Swedish have their own way to keep themselves warm and cozy.

What Is Swedish Fika?

Sweden’s winter is known for its numbing cold weather. In the morning and night, almost everyone pauses whatever they are doing and has a ‘Fika’: a coffee break. People usually have a cup of hot tea or coffee with some delicious pastries. Fika is a very important part of the Swedish culture; whether they are busy or not, almost everyone manages to have time for Fika. So, what makes it so essential?

Slowing down to appreciate life.

A little coffee break in the cold is not only for a moment of happiness, but it is also necessary for your well-being. Your body protects its temperature from the cold weather by shrinking the capillaries to reduce the amount of blood flow which eventually slows down metabolism.

It is easy for your body to save the unnecessary fat and waste as blood circulation and cell activity slows down. Therefore, it is better for our bodies to slow down to match the speed of our mind!

Warm water, warm tea and good food.

The easiest way to fight the cold is to eat well!

First, start the day with a cup of warm water every morning. In fact, the first thing doctors do when they see patients with hypothermia is to make them drink some warm water.

Second, the habit of drinking warm tea is another effective way to fight the freezing weather. One of the incredible benefits of Korean Red ginseng is a warming effect. If you’re a fan of tea, check out Tavalon Ginseng Tea Set: premium gourmet tea blended with Korean Red Ginseng!

Third, have some deep-colored vegetables. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in them are said to improve blood flow. Red, orange, yellow, purple, and green vegetables are extremely nutritious. White colored garlic, mushrooms, and black beans are incredibly nutritious as well. So as your mom always said, make sure you don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies!

Bathing Like Romans!

There’s nothing better than a warm, relaxing bath. 20 minutes of a half body bath or foot bath are just as effective as a regular whole body bath.

How about a hot, steamy sauna? Romans first invented public bathhouses and saunas - known today for its detoxifying effects. For your safety, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before entering a sauna. For a sauna with a temperature between 85 to 95 degrees, the maximum time of use is 10 minutes. It is highly recommended to cover your face with a dry towel to protect your respiratory system. Going back-and-forth from a cold bath and warm bath increases metabolism which also helps strengthen the body’s ability to balance temperature. The gap between the temperature should be higher than 30 degrees to maximize the effect and switch every minute 10 times or more. If you do not have access to a sauna, you can also enjoy the effects at home by alternating a hot bath and cold shower.

Habits to implement in your everyday routine.

Number one. Yoga, deep breathing and meditation.
Stress is easily the number one reason for every disease and it is not an exception for Hypothermia. Stress may tense up your body and break the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Consistent yoga, deep breathing, and meditation are definitely exceptional habits to get back the balance.

Number two. Have a good night’s sleep. Let your body rest.
It is most regenerative to sleep between 10 PM and 2 AM which is when your immune system takes up the most energy. It is important to pay extra attention to making sure that you are getting enough sleep during those hours especially during the winter when your immune system can easily weaken.

Number three. Always keep your stomach and feet warm.
A warm stomach stimulates gastrointestinal activity and metabolism. It’s time to wear those fuzzy sweaters and bundle up! Try to avoid wearing shoes with thin soles and wear waterproof boots on snowy days to protect your feet from getting wet. That way, you won’t have to ruin any more of your cute Uggs.

We learned about some warm habits to protect our bodies from the icy weather! Never give in and stay healthy during the remaining winter.

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