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Find Your Equilibrium with Koreselect Balance

Find Your Equilibrium with Koreselect Balance

Some Needed Balance in Uncertain Times

The world at this moment is filled with unprecedented stressors. Not only are we dealing with a pandemic, but less daylight hours and cold and somber temperatures are quickly approaching and bringing with them cold and flu season. The world is attempting to inject normalcy back into our lives by calling countless employees and students back into the world, and most people are still self-isolating at least partially (whenever they can).

These stressors are enough to zap your energy and focus and kill your mood in themselves. When you are facing hormonal changes accompanying menopause that exacerbate these effects by further draining your energy and focus, causing and physical and emotional discomfort, and leaving you in an unpleasant mood, mustering the desire and energy to face the day may feel more than a little difficult. Add illness to this mix and it may become nearly impossible.

Luckily, Korea Ginseng Corp has a supplement that can help. Koreselect Balance is designed to help you boost your immune system, while easing physical discomfort, balance your mood, and enhance your focus.

Supports Well-Being and Mood

Good moods begin with feeling good.  While it’s not impossible to put on a happy face when you are not feeling your best (or feel downright terrible), it is very difficult if not impossible to actually feel like you’re in a good mood, and trying to stay pleasant when you don’t feel yourself can prove very draining.

Ginseng has a host of health-promoting capacities. Koreselect Balance delivers these health promoting powers in the most potent form. Koreselect Balance is made using the highest-quality and high potency Korean red ginseng extract. Korean red ginseng is made from the highest quality Korean ginseng which is steamed to maintain the integrity of the root while enhancing the power of its medicinal properties.

Ginseng has been shown to provide a host of medicine properties: improved circulation, enhanced cognitive function including focus and memory, stabilized and even improve mood, and increased cellular regenerative capacities. Ginseng also has a plethora of vital immune system-boosting and stabilizing powers. Ginseng promotes the homeostasis of the entire immune system and supports the functioning of all component organs, proteins (cytokines), and immune cells (dendritic, natural killer, T and B cells and macrophages) that are key to immune functioning.

Contents: Peony and Bamboo for Focus and Comfort

The hormonal shifts accompanying pre-menopause and menopause bring with them a host of physical and cognitive effects that are very uncomfortable, including fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood and emotional instability, and aches, pains, and hot flashes. Korean red ginseng has temperature-regulating capacities as well as energy and focus-enhancing properties that can help alleviate some of these symptoms.

Koreselect Balance amplifies and adds to the benefits of ginseng by combing it with the power of Bamboo leaf and Peony root extracts. Bamboo leaf extract can help balance hormones including estrogen. Peony root extract is also linked to regulation of hormone production and balance as well as relief of aches and pains, mood instability, irritability, and temperature fluctuations associated with menopause. 

Regain Your Balance with Koreselect Balance

Korea Ginseng Corp’s Koreselect Balance is specially formulated using the best Korean red ginseng extract and a proprietary blend designed to promote hormonal balance and ease menopause symptoms including Bamboo leaf extract and Peony root extract. Koreselect Balance will help you get back to balance so that you can focus on the demands of life without the added difficulty of menopause symptoms.

Korea Ginseng Corp

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