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Ginseng: Health across Generations

Ginseng: Health across Generations


Ginseng supplements including health snack, tonics, capsules, and teas, hold myriad physical and mental health benefits for everyone regardless of age. Korea Ginseng Corp produces the best supplements for the immune system, energy, focus, mood stability, and sleep stability made from the best Korean red ginseng available.

Which products you choose for yourself or your loved ones can be tailored to your or their life stage, but whichever stage they are in from young childhood to mature adulthood, KGC has a supplement to suit each unique need and preference. Read on to learn more about the unique health needs and difficulties throughout the life course and how regularly incorporating ginseng can help meet these demands and overcome these challenges.


Regardless of your age immune health is a priority. However, for the youngest and older generations, who are more likely to be particularly susceptible to illness and face especially difficult symptoms and roads to recovery, immune health is paramount. Ginseng has been associated with myriad immune health benefits including increased immune cell production and improved antibody performance.


Young children face the highest risk of exposure because of the nature of childhood interaction and the unawareness of children concerning hygiene habits and the danger of spreading germs. Adolescents, however invincible they may feel, are not immune to illness and, again due to the increased likelihood of socialization with unfamiliar people and a youthful lack of consideration for the potential of infection are also likely to be exposed more often to germs, though they are more resilient than young children.


Younger adults are probably the least likely to be exposed to germs and viruses through unfamiliar social interactions – as their lives, including their social engagements, are more routine and younger adults are generally highly resilient. However, older adults, often face many other health issues which can make them more susceptible to serious illness and exacerbate the effects of illness.

Regardless of age, incorporating ginseng into your daily diet as a means to boost your immune system is a wise choice. However, it can be particularly important for those in the younger and older generations.


The right amount and the right quality of sleep are key to physical and mental health. When you are younger sleep is important because of your growing body. When you are older sleep is important because of the demands on your energy from work and family. Regardless of your age, sleep is a necessity and the more sleep and the more sound your sleep, the better you will feel and the better you will function. Thus, everyone can benefit from the sleep-regulating potential of ginseng consumption.


Sleep is especially important for young children, who generally need around 10-12 hours a day depending on their age. However, the key disruptors of sleep: stress, work load, social activities, do not become an issue until later in life. Adolescents, specifically teenagers, face the most risk of sleep-deprivation – at a time in life when they need sleep the most. Not only do teenagers face incredible stress from school, home, and their social life – quickly exhausting their energies, but their growing bodies also demand sleep.


Younger adults likely face both the largest amount of inorganic (external) sleep disruptors and the greatest need for sufficient sleep to meet the demands of their lives. Younger adults, unlike children do not need more than eight hours of sleep per night, however, they do need the eight – and for countless adults this can be hard to come by. As we age, we need less sleep, this is not to say that sleep is unimportant for older adults, nor is it to say that there are not stressors in their lives.

All humans of all ages need enough solid sleep per night in order to function effectively in their lives and meet the obligations and stresses of the day with calm effectiveness. Incorporating ginseng into your diet – perhaps by enjoying a soothing cup of hot ginseng tea every evening, can help you achieve a regular sleep routine. 


Korea Ginseng Corp sells the best Korean red ginseng. Korea Ginseng Corp offers Korean Red Ginseng products including delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, and more that can help you boost your immune system and help you live your best life.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s skincare line, Donginbi, offers a range of products to help you radiate your internal well-being for the external world.

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