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Help Your Kids Start the Day Right and Boost Their Immune System with Delicious Good Base

Help Your Kids Start the Day Right and Boost Their Immune System with Delicious Good Base


During cold and flu season – especially during the pandemic – when kids are exposed to harsh weather outside and colds and viruses in the classroom, it is essential to boost their immune systems as much as possible. Introducing ginseng into their daily diet is a great way to give their immune system that extra boost of strength. However, getting kids to take nutritional supplements can be difficult. Getting kids to try new foods can be impossible. Korea Ginseng Corp’s Good Base is the perfect solution. Good Base provides immune support for kids in a delicious fruity liquid. 


Right now, KGC is running an unbeatable promotion on their 5 Box Bundle of Pomegranate and Peach Good Base Supplements. Pomegranate and peach Good Base bundles are almost 20% off from $214.99 down to $174.99. So now is the time to stock up on these delicious nutritious immune-boosting supplements and start introducing them into your kid’s daily routine. 


Good base is the best option of immune boosters for kids. Korea Ginseng Corp’s Good Base fruit sticks are made from the best and most potent immune-boosting 6-year grown Korean red ginseng and high-quality delicious fruit extracts from fresh fruit. KGC’s Pomegranate Good Base is also a good source of key vitamins including vitamin C and vitamins B1 and B2. Pomegranate Good Base also contains anti-oxidants, Potassium, and polyphenols.

With Good Base,, you can feel secure that you are giving your kids the healthiest, highest quality product. Good Base fruit extracts are meticulously crafted, included only after passing a 290-test quality check. Good Base is additive-free – no extra sugars, no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings. Good Base contains only 2 grams of sugar – all of the deliciousness comes directly from the highest quality fruit extracts. 


There are numerous ways that you can incorporate Good Base into your child’s diet without them being any the wiser. Good Base is a great way to teach your kids to get excited about health supplements. The fruity sweet, delicious flavor of Good Base will make it seem like a treat. You could easily incorporate Good Base into your kid’s morning routine by adding it to their breakfast – mixing it into yogurt or their fruit juice, or using it like a pancake or waffle topper rather than sugary syrup.

You could also pack it in with your child’s lunch. You can replace more sugary cakes or puddings as a healthy and low-sugar, but still sweet treat. Since Good Base contains no artificial additives or added sugars and uses the highest quality pure fruit extract, you can confidently substitute Good Base for fresh fruit in your child’s lunch. Alternatively, you can also give them Good Base as a delicious after school snack to tide them over until dinner. No matter when they eat it, your child is sure to love Good Base. 


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