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Historical Uses of Ginseng

Historical Uses of Ginseng

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Ginseng has been used for millennia to promote health and well-being.  In this article, we’ll discuss the historical origins and ancient medical uses of ginseng.

History of Ginseng

The word ginseng comes from the Chinese ren shen, meaning “the essence of the earth in the shape of a man.”  Ginseng got this name due to the fact that the root looks like a person -- the root’s processes resemble a little man with arms and legs.  In ancient times, people believed that the more similar the ginseng root was to the human form, the better health benefits it would confer.  Later, the Swedish scientist gave ginseng the name panax, which comes from the Greek for “cure-all.”

Korean ginseng is known by its scientific name panax ginseng, from which not only Korean but also Chinese ginseng is produced (“Ginseng, Korean,” 2020).  Found in the mountains of ancient Manchuria over 5000 years ago, panax ginseng was originally used as a food.  Over time, this plant became famous for its exceptional health-related properties and it started being used as a medicine.

While the earliest record of ginseng in Korea is dated early 6th century A.D. (Yang and Yeo, 2004a), ginseng was in use well before that.  The exact origins of ginseng remain unknown, but have been traced back to the first century B.C., during the Chinese Han Dynasty, and potentially even earlier than that (Yang and Yeo, 2004b).  Ginseng was first identified in Manchuria and Korea, and slowly made its way to China, where it was used in medicines.  Ginseng is greatly influenced by its natural environment.  Korean ginseng is thought to originate from the northern mountains of Pyongando and Hamkyongdo provinces to the southern Taebaek and Sobaek mountains in Korea (Yang and Yeo, 2004). 

Ginseng was first used as a food before being used as a medicine, especially by the farmers and laborers who cultivated it (Nair, et al., 2012).  Besides that, ginseng was, for some time, reserved only for nobility. 

Korean ginseng has been in use for millenia as both a medicine and tonic in Asia and worldwide.  These days, you don’t have to travel to Asia to reap the benefits of Korean Ginseng.  Check out Korea Ginseng Corp’s extracts and supplements here.

Ancient Medical Uses of Ginseng

Ginseng has long been famous for its properties which support health and vitality, with some even going so far as to say that it may be an aphrodisiac (“Ginseng, Korean,” 2020).  Korean ginseng has been used to support health and help reduce stress, improve blood sugar, and treat a host of other conditions.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng has been used in a variety of health conditions including eating disorders, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, hemmorhage, and diabetes (Xiang, et al., 2008).

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