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Korean Red Ginseng:  Energy

Korean Red Ginseng:  Energy

Are you experiencing a high level of fatigue throughout the day?  You are not alone.  It can be difficult to find all-natural ways to boost energy without the dreaded mid-afternoon crash hangover.  CheongKwanJang has been the trusted producer of Korean Red Ginseng for over 120 years.  These ginseng supplements have been utilized by those practicing Eastern medicine as a modality to promote immune health and boost energy for centuries. 

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The immune system is a very sophisticated system that is responsible for maintaining overall health and wellness for the entire body.  It is imperative that we maintain immune health in order to ensure the body will be healthy.

The Immune System:  Innate and Adaptive (Acquired)

The immune system consists of two major components:  the innate immune system and the adaptive (acquired) immune system.  The innate immune system is the portion of the immune system that functions to prevent entrance of unwanted pathogens.  The way the innate immune system functions is via barriers.  The innate immune system contains barriers that function as a means to prevent entrance of bacteria and viruses.  The innate immune system’s largest barrier is the skin (Cobbin, 2014). 

The immune system’s adaptive (acquired) portion functions to eradicate bacteria and viruses after they have penetrated the barriers of the innate immune system.  Once the bacteria and/or viruses have entered into the bloodstream the adaptive (acquired) portion of the immune system functions to bind and remove them from circulation.  The adaptive (acquired) portion of the immune system is a very specialized system that contains cells with memory capabilities.  These memory cells allow for a more efficient way to eradicate these pathogens upon secondary exposure.  The adaptive (acquired) immune system also develops and matures as we age.  Therefore, upon more environmental exposure the adaptive immune system will become more efficient and sophisticated (Cobbin, 2014). 

We must ensure that our immune system remains healthy so that our overall health and wellness can be maintained. 

Koreselect Energy

Koreselect Energy is specifically formulated with the highest quality, potent Korean Red Ginseng produced by CheongKwanJang.  Korean Red Ginseng undergoes an extensive process before it makes it to the consumer.  It takes 2 years for soil development before the Korean Red Ginseng root is even grown.  The Korean Red Ginseng root is then cultivated for 6-years prior to it being harvested.  After it is harvested, it undergoes extensive testing by experts to make sure that only the highest quality, potent roots make it into the supplement.  There are over 290 safety tests performed on these roots.  Each of those tests are performed seven times.  This ensures that the quality standard before sending the product to the consumer. 

Koreselect Energy is an all-natural, GMO-free, 100% vegan and caffeine free energy drink.  Because it utilizes the natural benefits of Korean Red Ginseng, there is no need for caffeine to stimulate energy.  Koreselect Energy enhances focus, stimulates energy, improves memory and mental clarity.  Koreselect also boosts mood while promoting healthy recovery to ensure that you have sustained energy without the associated crash.  Koreselect Energy improves focus and productivity while sustaining energy.  It is perfect for those whose lifestyles are on-the-go.  If you are a professional, a student or a mother who is juggling family and a career, Koreselect Energy is an easy alternative to those unhealthy, caffeinated energy drinks.  Korean Red Ginseng provides you with an all natural surge of energy.  It improves alertness while reducing stress and fatigue.

Koreselect Energy Pouch


Koreselect Energy is a perfect energy drink that allows those who lead an active lifestyle to incorporate health and wellness in their everyday lives.  Koreselect Energy is an all-natural energy drink that offers a great boost in energy without the crash that is so often associated with energy drinks.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity for all the benefits without any of the side effects with Koreselect Energy.  Koreselect Energy is for those who wish to prioritize their health and wellness.  Take charge of your health today.


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