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Koreselect Immune

Koreselect Immune

Koreselect Immune are new ginseng supplements that have just launched to add to the already popular Koreselect Collection just in time for holiday gift-giving!

Korean Red Ginseng has been utilized by professionals in both Eastern and Western medicine for many centuries.  Those who practice Eastern medicine have incorporated Korean Red Ginseng as a means to promote immune health.  Korean Red Ginseng is one of the best supplements for immune system health.

What is Koreselect Immune?

Koreselect Immune has twice the potent Korean Red Ginseng along with a pure blend of Eastern Asian herbs to provide the highest quality immune boosting supplement available. Koreselect Immune offers twice the potency of Korean Red Ginseng which results in twice the immune boost. Koreselect Immune also includes European black elderberry for antioxidants support.

Elderberries are potent antioxidants that offer great benefits in medicinal purposes that focus on immune health and prevention of viruses and colds.  Elderberries contain high concentrations of vitamin C, dietary fiber, phenolic acids, flavonols, and anthocyanins which promote anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits (Mandi, 2018).

Koreselect Immune promotes immune health; while also stimulating mental clarity and healthy brain functions.  These products are all NON-GMO, Caffeine Free, Vegan and are GMP quality.

The Immune System 

In today’s society, where we are faced with uncertainty about the spread of certain viruses and bacteria within our social systems, it is imperative to incorporate ways into our daily lives to help improve our immune system function.  When we are beginning to get back to our normal daily routines and starting to be around more people in the workplace and socially, we must supplement our diets with Korean Red Ginseng to promote immune health.  The immune system is the unique barrier that is solely responsible for the health of our body. 

The immune system is an intricate system that works to prevent the entrance of unwanted bacteria and viruses into the body. These bacteria and viruses can penetrate the immune system if it is not in its strongest state.  If, and when this occurs, the bacteria and viruses can cause illness.  However, the immune system does not give up that easily. There is another arm to the intricate immune system that begins to fight back if these bacteria and viruses get past the first barrier of the immune system. During this stage, the immune system begins to attack the virus/bacteria and other foreign invaders to eradicate it directly from the body. The immune system is only able to fight as well as the strength that it contains; therefore, it is essential that we find ways to boost our immune system. This can be achieved by implementing ginseng supplements like Koreselect Immune which contains Korean Red Ginseng.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote immune health and wellness by incorporating Koreselect Immune into your daily routine.  By incorporating just one to two sticks per day before or after a meal you can begin to notice the difference. 

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