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Lock & Load – How Korean Ginseng Could Save Your Love Life

Lock & Load – How Korean Ginseng Could Save Your Love Life

The shame & misery of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is one of the most common sexual issues out there for men. Therefore, if you’re one of the men out there suffering from it, don’t feel that you are alone.

The reason that it’s so common is that there are a veritable plethora of factors that can contribute to it; smoking, too much alcohol consumption, abuse of illegal drugs, obesity, getting older (and therefore having less testosterone), over-masturbation, and even simply stress and anxiety.

Whatever the case may be, they can all lead to a man’s penis being deprived of all of those androgen hormones and neurotransmitters that are crucial in order to power a proper, functioning erection. Without this pre-phase of stimulation and motivation to get aroused, a man’s local blood supply (the blood closest to the groin region) can’t receive the proper signals required to engorge a man’s penis with blood.

In other words, instead of being ready to rock, he’ll just end up being flaccid. What can be an even worse result is when a man might get just enough blood into his penis to make it seem as though it’s going to be enough for a full erection, but unfortunately, it never gets to that state—it just remains in a half-soft state.

This, in turn, can have a cascading effect in that it could infuriate some women, who may feel that they’re on the verge of getting some good sex (especially if he talked a lot of game—come on guys, you know you’ve done that) and then feel that they’re either not turning a man on, or that he talked too much and couldn’t deliver on the goods.

Either way, no Bueno.

Instead of turning to potentially disastrous (and irreversible) surgical procedures or harmful pharmaceutical-grade ED drugs, consider trying an all-natural remedy.

How does Panax ginseng help treat erectile dysfunction?

Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) has been used for maintaining physical and mental energy and vitality throughout far-eastern countries for thousands of years. More recently, its metabolic reactions on cardiovascular, neurologic, and endocrinologic systems have been studied. To this end, many people have used Korean ginseng to help with libido.

Panax ginseng’s legendary success as a restorative herb may come down to its adaptogenic qualities. It is believed to enhance physical performance, and thereby increase sexual stamina.

Adaptogens have been known to increase resistance to stress. Along with their stress-busting capabilities, they are also believed to help reduce chronic inflammation, as well as atherosclerosis - both of which can cause ED.

Panax ginseng also has antioxidant and organ-protective properties that are thought to increase the production of nitric oxide (NO) within the blood vessels of the penis.

NO is an extremely important molecule in the process of achieving proper erections because it quite literally widens the blood vessels within the penis - allowing blood to flow into it and thereby generate an erection.

Korean ginseng’s primary active compounds - known as ginsenosides - have also been demonstrated to boost NO production in rabbits (as if rabbits needed any more of a boost to their already notorious libidos).

In the end, this triple-action of Panax ginseng’s adaptogenic, antioxidant, and ginsenoside activity is why people use it for their libido.


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