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The King of Herbs Could Offer a Better Temperament for Workouts

The King of Herbs Could Offer a Better Temperament for Workouts
Have you ever scheduled a workout for a certain day of the week and just felt kind of “meh” about it? Maybe you’re a little stressed out about bills, problems with your love life, car problems, or simply being in a bad mood. Whatever the case may be, people’s moods and general state of temperament can change from day to day and week to week, depending on what that’s going on up in that orb of grey matter that we can brains.

Another thing that is common for people to adjust to is when they are just starting (or re-starting) a workout routine and are a little timid about the whole process. You know, the nervousness that comes with acclimating to a new place with a totally different scene than what you’re used to, is enough to make even the most confident person second-guess themselves. So, you may be wondering now is, are there any natural ways to improve your overall temperament?

The King of Herbs

Korean Ginseng (also known as Red Ginseng) is one of the most researched herbal remedies in the world. It has such a great reputation that it’s rumored by many folks to be a natural cure-all. Not surprisingly, the actual botanical name for it is “Panax Ginseng,” Panax relating to “panacea” which means to heal-all. In Asian countries, it is known as the “elixir of life” and goes back thousands of years as far as its usage.

Korean Ginseng has long been utilized to balance out one’s equilibrium with regards to its unique ability to both stimulate and calm one’s nervous system. If fact, it has also been used to bestow wisdom, boost energy levels, stimulate enhanced recovery from arduous activities, and improve temperament and cognitive abilities.

In more recent times, Korean Ginseng has been primarily marketed as both an energy and sexual virility enhancer, but as mentioned previously, it also offers a wide variety of mental health assets. For the sake of this article, these last properties can be helpful in affecting one’s state of mind (i.e. temperament) in a positive manner. This, in turn, can be beneficial for affecting your workouts and giving you that extra “oomph!” needed on some of those unmotivated days, when you don’t even feel like being in the gym in the first place.

The King of Herbs

An Added Benefit

Panax Ginseng isn’t just known to be great for uplifting one’s mood and overall temperament, there’s also another benefit that can be useful for when you leave the gym. The King of Herbs also contains ginsenosides, which are unique to this herb and are responsible for its many physical and mental health-boosting properties.

Ove 100 of these ginsenosides have been discovered and studied thus far. Researchers have found that they have antioxidant, neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory properties. What this means in terms of your workouts is that you can recover faster from exercise in general and especially those heavy lifting sessions where your muscles are taxed to the limit (and sometimes beyond).



Korean Ginseng is already known to be a stimulant with regards to boosting one’s overall temperament and cognitive capabilities. However, in addition to having better workouts because of an enhanced general state of mind, this wonderful herb can also help you to recover faster because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that it can bestow.

So, enjoy better workouts and recover from them more efficiently with Panax Ginseng!

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