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Wellness and Energy to Meet the World with Koreselect Wellness

Wellness and Energy to Meet the World with Koreselect Wellness

Meet the World with Strength, Energy, and Clarity

Today we are faced with unprecedented demands on our energy, focus, and immune systems. With the quickly approaching cold and flu season, we are in need of ways to boost our immune system so that our bodies can function at their peak against the onslaught of germs.

Thankfully, Korea Ginseng Corp’s is known to have the best korean red ginseng. It's Koreselect Wellness ginseng supplement is made from highly potent Korean red ginseng and cocoa extracts, which can help boost your immune system and heighten your focus and energy so you can meet the challenges of the world with strength, energy, and clarity.

Harness the Immune-Building Power of Ginseng

Korea Ginseng Corp’s Korean red ginseng begins with the highest quality Korean ginseng root. The root is then steamed to produce Korean red ginseng – a process which maintains the integrity of the ginseng while altering its chemical structure to deliver the highest potency of medicinal benefits.

Ginseng supplements, particularly Korean red ginseng, has numerous immune health support properties. Korean red ginseng supports the maintenance, functioning, and balance of the immune system as a whole, as well as strengthening, modulating, and mediating the functioning of the key individual components of the immune system -- from organs to proteins to cells.

Korean red ginseng supports the ability of the immune system to modulate its collective responses to invading germs so that it can identify and fend off these attackers without going out of balance. Korean red ginseng also boost the performance and balance of cytokine proteins which are key to immune system organ and cellular functioning. Korean red ginseng also boosts the power of key immune cells: macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, T cells, and B cells – all of which serve front line defense functions against invading germs.

Beyond ramping up your body’s defense against infection by invading germs, Korean red ginseng helps your body respond when infection does occur. Ginseng has important anti-inflammatory and anti-infection responses which help your body function during illness and recover from illness quicker. 

Energy + Immunity with Ginseng and Cocoa Extract

Defending ourselves against illness takes more than a healthy immune system. As now-normal social distancing, masking, and sanitization attests to, it is also about vigilance. This vigilance requires a level of attention to yourself and the world around you that makes significant demands on your energy and focus.

Korean red ginseng has important focus and energy enhancing capacities. Koreselect Wellness combines the energizing and cognitive function-enhancing power of ginseng with the mood-enhancing, stimulating, and focus-boosting power of cocoa extract to amplify the powers of this supplement to give you healthy natural dynamism and clarity of mind.

Beyond its power to boost your energy and focus, cocoa has also been shown to have immunoregulatory powers. The flavonoids in cocoa have significant anti-inflammatory powers and assist the immune system in its response to infection. Cocoa is also a powerful antioxidant, helping your body fend off and recover from the effects of external environmental stressors and cellular degeneration.

Koreselect Wellness

Korea Ginseng Corp’s Koreselect Wellness supplement can help you defend yourself against the barrage of germs and external stressors attacking your immune system. Koreselect Wellness can also give you the focus and energy that you need to meet the world and your obligations without sacrificing your germ-conscious vigilance.

Korea Ginseng Corp

Choose Korea Ginseng Corp for the best red ginseng. Korean red ginseng is the most potent form of ginseng. Korea Ginseng Corp’s range of Korean Red Ginseng products will suit every occasion. KCG’s highly-potent and high-quality products include delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, a skincare line, and more. All of KGC’s products are made from KGC’s highest quality Korean red ginseng extract to help you meet the day.

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