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What makes Korean Red Ginseng produced by Korea Ginseng Corp No. 1 and what are the main differences

What makes Korean Red Ginseng produced by Korea Ginseng Corp No. 1 and what are the main differences

There are also many different forms of ginseng that come from different parts of the world that all offer some type of medicinal benefit to improve and support health.  There is American Ginseng that mainly grows wild in the central part of the US and has some health benefits but not superior to Korean Red Ginseng (Panax ginseng) produces by Korea Ginseng Corp.  Korean Red Ginseng produces more than twice the variety of healthy components of other ginseng species.

Korea Ginseng Corp has received many accolades and acknowledgements for its superior product.  With 18 years of devotions, they have been producing, testing, manufacturing and distributing the purest quality of Korean Red Ginseng products around the world for centuries through their brand, CheongKwanJang since 1899.  Korea Ginseng Corp offers Korean Red Ginseng supplements in liquid extracts, pills, tonics and also added in teas, candies, and other drinks. Korea Ginseng Corp even incorporates Korean Red Ginseng into skincare products which provides your skin with antioxidants and nutrients.

Korean Red Ginseng by Korea Ginseng Corp

Korean Red Ginseng is a superior product because they grow and wait to harvest the ginseng root for exactly 6 years.  Waiting this time prior to harvesting allows for the root to become mature which maximizes all of its health benefits. 

CheonKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng extract pills are supplement pills made from Korean Red Ginseng roots that cultivated and grown with care for 6 years, and then extracted and formulated into a supplement pill for enhanced potency and efficacy that offers many benefits.

Stimulant-free energy supplement that naturally increases productivity and stamina

Offers a less bitter after taste when compared to competitor brands

Contains superfood benefits that’s boost the immune system and overall health all while also being gluten free and NON-GMO. 

Stimulant-free energy is a very important characteristic of Korean Red Ginseng.  Other top selling energy drinks or caffeine pills cause many side effects and offer no health or medicinal benefit.  Korean Red Ginseng is an all-natural root that provides an increase in energy without the negative side effects associated with other energy drinks.  This allows one to remain at their best throughout the entire day, while optimizing focus and productivity. 

Another key characteristic that sets this product aside from the rest is that while other products have a strong bitter after taste that is left in one’s mouth, this product has much less of a bitter after taste when compared to other products. 

Korean Red Ginseng offers superfood benefits that help focus the mind by fighting fatigue; increase one’s energy levels while reducing stress and boosting the immune system.  Korean Red Ginseng also promotes memory focus and function.  Korean Red Ginseng has even been associated with preventing erectile dysfunction as well as supporting overall sexual health.  This form of ginseng supplement also offers benefits to support blood circulation for a smooth flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body.

CheongKwanJang is the best Korean Red Ginseng brand and is the largest health supplement company in South Korea.  They strive to improve your body and mind and always ensure products are effective, and safe.  CheongKwanJang’s core values set the standard for a truly elite product in the superfood supplement industry. Creating products and maintaining standards around the following core principles has guided CheongKwanJang to be the #1, most trusted and reliable ginseng product in Asia.

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