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Why CheongKwanJang is Number 1

Why CheongKwanJang is Number 1

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng undergoes an extensive growing, cultivation and harvesting process to ensure that it is potent and pure to provide its naturally occurring medicinal benefits which have been trusted by those practicing Eastern medicine for centuries. Korean Red Ginseng contains saponins that stimulate immune health and promotes overall wellness. The source of the best Korean Red Ginseng is found in ginseng supplements produced by CheongKwanJang.

Why CheongKwanJang?

CheongKwanJang has undertaken the responsibility of creating a vertical integration system which ensures that only the highest quality of Korean Red Ginseng is incorporated into each of the ginseng supplements made available to the consumer. The vertical integration system means that CheongKwanJang contracts with specific farms to grow, cultivate and harvest the 6-year old grown Korean Red Ginseng and provides complete oversight in every step of the process to ensure that every step in the process from farm to end product is traceable.

Above all others, CheongKwanJang also ensures strict quality by conducting more than 430 quality and safety tests on Korean Red Ginseng products and other ingredients.  By performing these safety and quality tests, it ensures that the product provided to the consumer is of superior quality.

The Korean Red Ginseng Extract that is utilized in the ginseng supplements is of enhanced potency, thus resulting in products that have greater efficacy. 

CheongKwanJang has been trusted by the public and recommended by experts in their specific fields, because of the pride that is taken with each and every Korean Red Ginseng root harvest. 

CheongKwanJang has proven their loyalty to the consumer by ensuring only the highest quality of Korean Red Ginseng is provided to the consumer.  The Korean Red Ginseng is grown for 6 years before it is harvested. The soil is tested for two years, six years of cultivation and ten years of soil replenishment.  CheongKwanJang has devoted over 18 years to each harvest of Korean Red Ginseng to maintain the highest quality standard. 

This standard is unique to CheonKwanJang and is why their products are above those competitors.  CheongKwanJang provides over two hundred researchers and twenty million dollars in research of Korean Red Ginseng in order to provide only the highest quality product. CheongKwanJang products are certified by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Food and Science and features only premium extract. CheongKwanJang has also been given many awards that recognize the quality and standard of Korean Red Ginseng that is associated with CheongKwanJang. 


With today’s society affecting everyone in such a drastic manner, it can be quite overwhelming to think about ways we can ensure our own health and well being during this pandemic. It is essential that we find natural, non-GMO ways to promote our own immune health. Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries as a way to promote immune health and keep illness at bay.  Today we must stand to take control of our own health and start by incorporating these supplements into our daily lives so that we may start to see the changes within ourselves. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take charge of your health with a company that has ensured the production of high quality, potent and pure Korean Red Ginseng extract. CheongKwanJang is the trusted cultivator of six-year old grown Korean Red Ginseng.

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