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Why Give Your Kids Ginseng Tonic

Why Give Your Kids Ginseng Tonic

Kids need all the protection they can get when it comes to their health, especially during the cold months. No parent wants to see their children suffer from any illness, even if it’s just the common cough and colds. That is why immunity boosters for kids are important and should be included in their daily diet.

Vitamin C is known to support the immune system by preventing infections caused by harmful microorganisms. But if stronger protection from viruses is what your kids need, there is a better alternative -- Kid Tonic.

What is Kid Tonic, and what are its benefits?

The Kid Tonic by Korean Ginseng Corp is an immune supplement drink specially formulated for children. It is a delicious-tasting tonic that contains the best Korean red ginseng, which is known to support and boost the immune system. With that said, Korean red ginseng is very effective in strengthening kids’ immune systems, boosting their energy levels and stamina, and supports their growth and brain functions. And aside from Korean red ginseng, Kid Tonic also contains deer antler extract and Vitamin C, both of which help support a healthy immune system too.

What does Kid Tonic taste like?

Korean red ginseng has a bitter taste. However, Kid Tonic’s unique formula contains sweet jujube fruit extract, agave syrup, and pear juice concentrate. With that said, Kid Tonic is formulated to ensure that it pleases kids' picky palates. There's no need to worry about the bitter taste of Korean red ginseng!

Why are there three different Kid Tonics?

The Kid Tonic is available in three “steps.” They are formulated differently to suit your kids’ needs based on their age:

Kid Tonic Step 1  - Step 1 is for kids ages 3 to 4 or are preschool-aged. It supports healthy growth and a solid immune system, just what your small kids need during the cold months.

Kid Tonic Step 2 - Step 2 is for ages 5-7 or for children in kindergarten. It provides them with immune enhancement kids need at this age.

Kid Tonic Step 3 - Step 3 is for kids ages 8-10, ages in which consistent health care is more important. Its formula enhances their stamina and immune system.

How often should kids consume Kid Tonic?

Kids can consume one pouch a day. All the Kid Tonics are also conveniently packed and easy to open, so you wouldn’t have to worry about spillage and cleaning up the mess. However, adult supervision while they drink the Kid Tonic is still recommended as the pouch edges may be sharp.

Where can you buy Kid Tonic?

Kid Tonic Steps 1 to 3 are available at And this November, you can get a 30g Cheon Nok Extract for FREE if you purchase ginseng products worth $250 or more. Check out the website to see more promotions this month.

Does KGC have ginseng health drinks for adults that are as sweet-tasting as Kid Tonic?

If you have a picky palate like your kids and cannot take the bitter taste of Korean red ginseng, you can go with the Good Base health drinks. The Good Base Peach Sticks and Good Base Red Ginseng & Pomegranate Sticks are currently on sale this November. Save more with the 5-Bundle Special for only $174.99.

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