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Women's Balance: The Supplement for Menopause Symptoms

Women's Balance: The Supplement for Menopause Symptoms

Learn more about this ginseng supplement specially formulated for women in their 50s.

Menopause is that time in a woman's life, usually in her 50s when her period stops. It is when the woman's ovaries stop producing hormones. And as with other major body changes, menopause comes with symptoms that are difficult to manage most of the time.

A woman can seek help from an OB-GYN and get medicine prescriptions. However, not all women are non-allergic to medicines. That is why it’s better to take natural supplements. One good supplement is Women’s Balance, which is specially formulated for women experiencing menopause.

What is Women’s Balance?

Women’s Balance is one of KGC’s ginseng supplements that contain a potent amount of the best Korean red ginseng that has been grown and matured for six years. This tonic comes in portable drink packs, making it perfect for women with demanding lifestyles.

What’s in Women’s Balance?

This ginseng supplement tonic contains 1,750 milligrams of Korean red ginseng extract, soybean extract, pomegranate extract, cranberry extract, and lemon balm leaf extract. Women’s Balance also contains a proprietary blend of root extracts, including Chinese peony root extract, bamboo leaf extract, poria root extract, and more.

What are the benefits of Women’s Balance?

Women’s Balance’s natural ingredients are known to help women manage menopause symptoms like hot flashes, slow metabolism, sleep problems, low energy levels, and mood changes. Korean red ginseng and all the other ingredients help with the following: 

-Maintaining a healthy immune system

-Promoting healthy blood flow

-Fatigue recovery

-Promotes normal cognitive performance

-Boost up the digestive system

With these benefits, Women’s Balance is recommended for those who want to feel youthful, have the energy for a healthy social life, and fatigue resistance.

It is important to remember that Women’s Balance is not a cure to any disease; it is a supplement that can help women manage the common annoying symptoms of menopause.

How often should you consume Women’s Balance?

It is recommended to drink one 70 mL pouch daily. Do consult with your doctor if you are on medication and check the ingredients for allergies.

One box of Women’s Balance contains 30 portable 70mL pouches, so a box will last you a whole month.

Where can you buy Women’s Balance?

Women’s Balance is available at KGC’s website at It’s an online shop that features various ginseng products -- capsules, tea, extracts, tonics, roots, and even skincare.

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