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Expanding Global Presence: Korea Ginseng Corp. Leads in Guerrilla Marketing From New York Times Square and Rockefeller Center to LA Street Fair, Taking the Lead in Capturing the U.S. Herbal Market

Expanding Global Presence: Korea Ginseng Corp. Leads in Guerrilla Marketing From New York Times Square and Rockefeller Center to LA Street Fair, Taking the Lead in Capturing the U.S. Herbal Market

Innovative Relay Event Introduces Korean Ginseng  Across to the East and West Coast

with Billboard Ads Featuring Hollywood Stars Arden Cho and Kieu Chin.

HSW Brand expanding its lineup with Two New Sparkling Beverages Designed to Beat the Summer Heat: Recharge and Calm


Los Angeles, New York, CA – 07/00/2023   Korea Ginseng Corp., the world’s number one ginseng brand and leading next-generation global herbal brand, is spreading the word about its new beverage product, HSW, which reflects the health functional food’s major trend keyword, ‘Food as Medicine,’ in a guerilla marketing campaign in key areas of the United States.


Korea Ginseng Corp., unveiled a brand advertisement on a billboard in Times square, Manhattan in the past month. Building on this momentum, Korea Ginseng Corp. has recently announced their plans for a relay guerilla marketing campaign, starting from the K-week event held at the Rockefeller center in New York. The event showcased their newest product, HSW, and featured traditional Korean games like Yut-nori and Dddakji-chiji, capturing the attention of American K-Culture fans. Building on the success of this first event, the brand is currently holding relay events across the city.


On the West Coast, Korea Ginseng Corp. will send its new mobile Ginseng Museum Café to  this year’s editions of the 626 Night Market, the largest night market in the United States, and to the Moon Festival, which celebrates LA’s booming Asian street food scene. To draw attention to their one-of-a-kind trailer café, KGC will be running a fun social media awareness campaign and hosting on-the-spot game events and interactive samplings.


HSW is Korea Ginseng Corp.'s latest beverage offering, a contemporary twist on its best-selling energy tonic, Hong Sam Won. The new product is very much in sync with the hottest health food trend – 'Food as Medicine' – and caters to consumers seeking healthy, natural beverage options. With less than 40 calories per serving and zero caffeine, HSW is a light and guilt-free indulgence for the diet-conscious. In addition, Korea Ginseng Corp. is expanding its lineup with 'Recharge' and 'Calm,' two sparkling beverages designed for this year’s hot summer season.


Rian Heung Sil Lee, a representative of Korea Ginseng Corp. U.S., notes, “Korean culture is being embraced by Americans, and interest in Korean health foods is at all-time high. We will be redoubling our efforts to make Korean red ginseng’s unparalleled role as a food-as-medicine better known.”


Korea Ginseng Corp.'s U.S. expansion began in 2002 and reached a new high point in 2021 with the opening of its flagship Ginseng Museum Café, in Manhattan. Since then, the global brand has introduced a new American-specific product line, KORESELECT, and has broadened its appeal with new distribution channels, including Amazon and Costco. Over the past three years, sales have more than doubled, confirming the impressive potential of the American market.


Leveraging its new American R&D Center, the company is committed to a proactive localization strategy and is planning to launch even more new products with the major marketing support of Korea’s aT Center for Globalizing Korean Foods.

About Korea Ginseng Corp.

Korea Ginseng Corp.(KGC) is the world's number one ginseng brand and herbal dietary company. Established in 1899, it is one of the most proven and trusted herbal dietary supplement manufacturers, providing the highest quality, traditionally harvested Korean Red Ginseng products to support health and well-being. KGC runs four regional headquarters in the United States, China, Japan, and Taiwan, in addition to South Korea, and exports products to over 40 countries. With over 40% world market share, its presence spans Asia, Europe, the Middle East region and the U.S. KGC's family of brands include KORESELECT, CheongKwanJang, Good Base, and Donginbi. The KGC brands, inclusive of over 250 products, use the most exceptional ginseng combined with the finest herbs and ingredients to deliver superior products to meet everyone's needs.

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