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Ashwagandha Stress Support Capsules With Rhodiola & Magnesium - KORESELECT

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Don't you just hate it when you're stressed out? You feel like you can't do anything right and your mind is just racing a million miles an hour. If only there was a way to just relax and clear your mind...

Introducing Koreselect Ashwagandha Capsules! These capsules are perfect for anyone looking for a 3-in-1 stress support formula. Not only do they include Organic Ashwagandha Extract and Rhodiola Rosea Root, but they also contain Magnesium to support the body's healthy stress response and body invigoration. Plus, they feature two supercharging adaptogens to keep your peaceful mind guarded every day. 


Ashwagandha, Rhodia, Magnesium


Take Two capsules daily

Ashwagandha Stress Support Capsules With Rhodiola & MagnesiumAshwagandha Stress Support Capsules With Rhodiola & Magnesium


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Excellent supplement combination!

I had been looking for this combination for a while for my autoimmune disorder as well as to help with sleep! I used to own a vitamin store 15 years ago and I would have carried this brand. Thank you KORESELECT !!

Valeria Del Valle Villagra
great product

Love that ashwagandha comes with magnesium which helps reduce the back pain of my husband

Pastor Tantay
great stuff

I really enjoy taking the ginseng product they sell

This changed my life - Nature's Lexapro for sure!

I have suffered from severe anxiety for most of my life. I was about to discuss anti-anxiety medication with my doctor when I began looking into holistic solutions. These pills began working within 3-4 days and i have taken 2 every morning for the past few months - I have never missed a day. These make me feel so calm and my anxiety has significantly lessened. In instances where my anxiety would usually spiral, I'm able to remain in control and in a more relaxed state. These are a God-send and a must try if you suffer from anxiety.

minor flavor but nothing awful

They seem to help me sleep a little better at night, flavor isnt anything awful to where i wouldnt want to take them any more



By purchasing your CheongKwanJang products directly from Korean Ginseng Corporation, you are assured of getting a product that is at all times handled properly according to manufacturer’s recommendations. At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States.

All orders are normally shipped out within 1 business day. Please note, we can only ship to physical addresses and not P.O. boxes at this time.


Our Mission

To make people’s lives better everyday by providing them with the best, traditionally harvested, most carefully selected Korean Red Ginseng products to support health and well-being. We give our all for the sake of our customers, so they can face any challenges in life.


Renowned worldwide, Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC), with its subsidiary lines CheongKwanJang and Koreselect, is the #1 brand of ginseng, with over 120 years of horticultural and scientific expertise.

Vertically-integrated, we specialize in the cultivation, harvest, and preparation of the world’s finest red ginseng, a more efficacious form of ginseng, conducting 293 quality and safety tests in the course of each production cycle. Every year we devote over two hundred researchers and 20 million dollars to the science of ginseng. All KGC brands use the most exceptional ginseng combined with the finest herbs and ingredients to deliver superior products to meet everyone’s needs.

Each of our CheongKwanJang products is certified by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Food and Science to feature only premium ginseng extract, from the roots of plants that have been allowed to mature for the full six years required for optimal results.

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