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Health Enthusiasts and Flavor Seekers!

Ancient wisdom meets modern flavor in a refreshingly delicious twist. Say goodbye to the earthy, bitter taste of traditional ginseng and hello to a juicy burst of grapefruit.

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Enjoy Full Ginseng Benefits in a Delightful New Way

Tasty & Healthy

Every single stick is packed with 1000mg of the finest, Korean Red Ginseng extract, now available in an invigorating and tasty grapefruit flavor. This perfect blend not only ensures the renowned health benefits of ginseng but also appeals to your taste buds, making each serving a pleasure rather than a chore.

Peak Health Meets Peak Flavor

Boosted Energy & Stamina: Elevate your daily energy levels naturally, fueling your active lifestyle.

Enhanced Immune Support: Strengthen your body's defenses with the protective properties of premium ginseng.

Stress Reduction: Adaptogenic qualities help manage stress and enhance well-being.

Travel-Friendly Convenience: Take your health boost on the go with our compact, easy-to-carry sticks.

With JungKwanJang Everytime Grapefruit Sticks, not only do you get all the clinical benefits of Korean Red Ginseng, but you also enjoy the tangy freshness of grapefruit—a taste so good you'll look forward to your daily health routine.

So Yummy

"Great product, my main use is to keep focus and have energy, also is helpful for better blood flows in certain areas."

Fausto, KGCUS Customer

Great taste

My 5 year old loves the taste and I’m hoping this will boost her immunity a bit. I think it’s working well and will definitely repurchase.


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Don’t just take our word for it, revitalize your energy naturally and deliciously. Order your first pack of JungKwanJang Everytime Grapefruit Sticks today and usher in a new era of wellbeing!

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