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Comentários da Korea Ginseng Corp - A melhor marca coreana de Ginseng

Based on 5157 reviews
Ginseng, Limited

Cleared my acne, lowered my weight,
Started healing my hormonal imbalance

Hong Sam Won Plus Pouch Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Renesse Candy Sore Throat Korean Red Ginseng

Very good quality ginseng candy. Will buy again.

Best brand of red ginseng in Korea!

I am royal customer to Extract Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang. It's been more than 10 years sine I have been regularly used this product. I tried several other brands but eventually I came back to CheongKwanJang.

It works

After taking the extract for couple of days, I definitely noticed the difference in my daily routine. Felt less tired than before. Also the added promotions were great

My kid loves it

My seven-year-old child enjoys consuming this product. The flavor is satisfactory, and I believe it contributes to her overall well-being during consumption.

Younger and brighter skin

This is the first collagen shot I have ever bought and the results are great. I am noticing an improvement in my skin and now my skin is radiant glow. I love this shot and I highly recommend it.

Korean Red Ginseng.

I like it very much, but what I don't like is the way you ship orders automatically you ship it when people don't even have all of it or I don't like that when I want it I want to order it I don't want you to just send me stuff because I ordered some to begin with


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Thank you!

Very good

My husband use everyday keep him healthy

Love this product, would highly recommend!

This product is great and would highly recommend!

Great taste

My 5 year old loves the taste and I’m hoping this will boost her immunity a bit. I think it’s working well and will definitely repuchase.

Great product!

It really works for long lasting energy throughout the day with no crash and my brain works better

Wow.. love the taste!

I've been taking the regular grade extract for years because of my demanding work, and on a whim, decided to switch up to the earth grade. Boy, what a difference! The very bitter taste is gone, the effect/transition is subtle and even more effective! I recommend this to anyone who wants to up their ginseng game!


I took it every day for over a week since I bought it. I strongly feel I have energy compared to before. I am a full-time student and full-time employee in the medical field. To get an energy booster, I decided to take it. It was a good choice.

Promotional Immune Kids Liquid Sticks Ginseng Liquid Sticks with Elderberry for Immune Support, Immune Boost, and Stress Management Koreselect

I have been taking this product regularly since I was 4 years old and have continued to use it since I grew up. My son really likes this product and it is a really good product for relieving fatigue.

Supplement for fatigue

Jung Kwan Jang is a popular brand in Korea for supplements, so I wanted to give this one a try for fatigue. It isn't a replacement for coffee but I do feel like it has helped me get through my work day. I do think it takes multiple days of consistantly taking it to be effective. I think it has helped me with tiredness. Flavor is definitely better than the other ones I have tried from this brand.

Ginseng Extract Review

While it is bitter in a tea form, I can immediately tell I get a boost of energy. Really good product!

Promotional Immune Kids Liquid Sticks Ginseng Liquid Sticks with Elderberry for Immune Support, Immune Boost, and Stress Management Koreselect
Anthony L
Great product and highly recommend!

This is an awesome product I will continue to take this and highly recommend this

Grea way to get ginseng

Red Korean ginseng is the gold standard of ginseng and these powder packs are an easy way to add Ginseng to your coffee or favorite drink. I'm a fan of these and would recommend to others.

Love this product

I like how I feel after a week of taking them. Good quality.

Nice product!

Great. I like the taste. It helps me calm down!

I love it

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Really gives a boost!

These small packets really pack a punch! They are bitter tasting so you should be ready for that but it is not unpleasant just bitter and earthy and there is no aftertaste. It is a really nice pick me up when my energy starts to dip.

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