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Comentários da Korea Ginseng Corp - A melhor marca coreana de Ginseng

Based on 5308 reviews
Ordered this item, recieved it quickly 👍

Hard to find item. But got it in a few days

Extract Everytime 2g Korean Red Ginseng Stick - CheongKwanJang


Vital tonic is a great product. I take it to fuel my body when I am more tired than usual. It gives me the extra boost I need to get through my day.

Good product

My family very enjoyed the red ginseng of pouch .they drink it twin day.have bought those products for over 3 years

Great product!

I periodically buy this for my kids. It helps with my kids immune system and keep them healthy. The kids love it too :)

Everytime 3g Extract Stick Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Ginseng 120 gram bottle

I did not enjoy this batch as well as the last time I purchased the same product. The Ginseng extract was too thick. The product had a very thick, almost jelly type consistency. I have never received Ginseng extract with this thick consistency. I am not sure what was different about the extraction process with this particular batch, but it was not a good experience.



I would love to see a heaven grade extract. However, this one is very good. I take 1.5-2 g, but with the earth grade, I would need upwards of 3 g. This dissolves easier in water and has a less bitter taste than the earth grade, which I thought was surprising.

Always good good good

It really helped to improve my energy after taking Extra Korean Red Ginseng CheongKwanJang. I strongly recommended this product.


Fast recovery, I feel more energized everyday.

Kid Tonic Step 2 (Ages 5-7) Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Red Ginseng Extract Instant Tea - 50 Packets Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

Although it has a bitter taste, I feel healthy whenever I drink "Red Ginseng Extract Instant Tea " from CheongKwanJang.

Permanently out of stock?

Great product. But has been out of stock forever....


This product has been discontinued and relaunched as a part of our JungKwanJang brand. You can find the updated version here:

Great product

It gives me energy that I needed.

Best Product!

I wouldn’t start my day without Hong Sam Won Plus Ginseng pouch. I truly believe it keeps me healthy and energized. I told my daughter about it and now she starts her day with this product as well.

Love it!!

I love how these taste and they really do help get me through the day, even as a snack. I would recommend these too as a soft intro to eating ginseng if you are not use to it. Definitely will buy again!

Nice Energy Boost

People always rave about ginseng, and this was my first time trying any. These taste much better than I expected. They give me a nice boost of energy. I also appreciate that it's low in sugar and calories.

Better than an energy drink, but not as good tasting

I like the packaging these shots came in. The whole top peels off and they are conveniently lined up and ready to grab. The opening tool is cool, but there were no instructions for how to use it on the box. I had to come back to the listing on Amazon to figure it out. The taste isn't great, but it's not terrible either. I definitely feel better about taking these than consuming energy drinks.

Excellent Product!!!

This is the best quality Ginseng I have ever had

Nicely packaged, effective, not bad tasting

I used to take ginseng supplements regularly in the past and have valued their effectiveness in giving me a good energy jolt, but for whatever reason, they slipped off my radar. For this reason, I was eager to try and review these wellness shots by JungKwanJang offered in the Vine selection.The packaging appeared to me as designed for retail countertops, with ten thin bottles in two rows of five. It's very colorful and attractive to look at. To remove the top, it's a matter of simply tipping the gold-colored handle and it pops off. The taste of the syrupy shot is slightly bitter but with a maple syrupy sweet aftertaste. For me, the ginseng kicked in after about 20-25 minutes, and was effective as I remembered: it gave me a second wind without making me feel wired or anxious.After trying this product, I plan to purchase more so that I have it when needed.

Best known/most estabished brand, but flavor and value are both Meh!

Most Americans are not aware that this brand (JungKwanJang, formerly CheonKwanJang) is THE name brand (like Hersheys/Kleenex/etc) for ginseng. And this is high quality red Panax Ginseng. It is just that the taste could be better (isn't bad, isn't good) and the price is top shelf (three bucks per packet at the time of this review).If you like the taste of red panax, want it in a liquid form, and cost isn't a concern this is a good choice. I prefer the taste of other types of ginseng so take this one in pill form for much less cost. I am currently using Doublewood brand red panax which is standardized to 10% Ginsenosides so I know how much of the active ingredient I am getting. It costs about five times less for the same 2000mg dose.

They have a bite to them

Ginger will give you a bite and these are no exception. I'm not crazy about the taste at all - like I don't like it. But, I stayed with it a couple of days to see if their claims are true. I can say it does keep you sharper. There are less biting alternatives though

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