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Đánh giá về nhân sâm Hàn Quốc - Thương hiệu nhân sâm hàng đầu của Hàn Quốc

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Permanently out of stock?

Great product. But has been out of stock forever....


This product has been discontinued and relaunched as a part of our JungKwanJang brand. You can find the updated version here:

Great product

It gives me energy that I needed.

Best Product!

I wouldn’t start my day without Hong Sam Won Plus Ginseng pouch. I truly believe it keeps me healthy and energized. I told my daughter about it and now she starts her day with this product as well.

Love it!!

I love how these taste and they really do help get me through the day, even as a snack. I would recommend these too as a soft intro to eating ginseng if you are not use to it. Definitely will buy again!

Nice Energy Boost

People always rave about ginseng, and this was my first time trying any. These taste much better than I expected. They give me a nice boost of energy. I also appreciate that it's low in sugar and calories.

Better than an energy drink, but not as good tasting

I like the packaging these shots came in. The whole top peels off and they are conveniently lined up and ready to grab. The opening tool is cool, but there were no instructions for how to use it on the box. I had to come back to the listing on Amazon to figure it out. The taste isn't great, but it's not terrible either. I definitely feel better about taking these than consuming energy drinks.

Excellent Product!!!

This is the best quality Ginseng I have ever had

Nicely packaged, effective, not bad tasting

I used to take ginseng supplements regularly in the past and have valued their effectiveness in giving me a good energy jolt, but for whatever reason, they slipped off my radar. For this reason, I was eager to try and review these wellness shots by JungKwanJang offered in the Vine selection.The packaging appeared to me as designed for retail countertops, with ten thin bottles in two rows of five. It's very colorful and attractive to look at. To remove the top, it's a matter of simply tipping the gold-colored handle and it pops off. The taste of the syrupy shot is slightly bitter but with a maple syrupy sweet aftertaste. For me, the ginseng kicked in after about 20-25 minutes, and was effective as I remembered: it gave me a second wind without making me feel wired or anxious.After trying this product, I plan to purchase more so that I have it when needed.

Best known/most estabished brand, but flavor and value are both Meh!

Most Americans are not aware that this brand (JungKwanJang, formerly CheonKwanJang) is THE name brand (like Hersheys/Kleenex/etc) for ginseng. And this is high quality red Panax Ginseng. It is just that the taste could be better (isn't bad, isn't good) and the price is top shelf (three bucks per packet at the time of this review).If you like the taste of red panax, want it in a liquid form, and cost isn't a concern this is a good choice. I prefer the taste of other types of ginseng so take this one in pill form for much less cost. I am currently using Doublewood brand red panax which is standardized to 10% Ginsenosides so I know how much of the active ingredient I am getting. It costs about five times less for the same 2000mg dose.

They have a bite to them

Ginger will give you a bite and these are no exception. I'm not crazy about the taste at all - like I don't like it. But, I stayed with it a couple of days to see if their claims are true. I can say it does keep you sharper. There are less biting alternatives though

Nice potent shots

These have a good ingredient list, and seem quite potent. They have a nice sweet, gingery, root-y flavor with a little ginseng bite. I like them better than the plain ginseng ones. Price is reasonable for the type of ginseng shot.

Tastes pretty good, does give a nice boost to energy

These Ginseng shots taste pretty decent. I'm not a huge fan of the taste of ginseng to begin with, but these taste OK. I'm in it for the wellness benefits and boost to energy, which this does provide. The bottles are a bit difficult to open though.

Thick, Bitter, Sweet Tonic, Felt No Energy Difference After Using

So, I have been using this product for a week now. Have taken it daily, getting past the rather unpleasant thick bitter sweet taste, and have had absolutely no change in my daily energy levels. Perhaps I just did not believe hard enough.For me to give a decent star rating to a product, it has to actually work. For me, this did not work. I was open to it working, but in reality, it did not. This was my first time trying ginseng - also my last, alas.

This Brand is the Authority on Ginseng Products

I'm so excited that JungKwanJang is available on Amazon. It has a highly respected reputation for delivering high quality, effective ginseng products. Every health conscious Korean person knows and trusts the brand. With that said, this ginseng is highly potent and gives an energy boost without the jitters of caffeine. It doesn't taste great, but if you're used to taking ginseng like we are, it's far from offensive. I like that these come in portable pouches perfect for travel or on the go. The ginseng itself is thick and gooey and sort of coats your throat going down. I can feel a warming sensation in my stomach, which I like - tells me it's working! Highly recommend.

Bring Energy

Red ginseng is good for body and bring energy. I love to try this ginseng extract stick. It is convenient to take it by mouth, the taste is fine , did not give me hard time to swallow it. The small box comes with 10 sticks, I had finished all in ten days. So far I have not experienced any effects.

Looks awesome, just not for me

I had been struggling with feeling fatigued lately, and this product looked like a great idea. However, once it arrived I realized I should do some research before just drinking it down, as different bodies definitely can react very differently to things. For most of my life I have suffered from a Yang excess, which after some years finally also led to a Yin deficiency. After studying I come to find that not all Ginsengs are alike, either. Apparently American Ginseng is more cooling and Yin nourishing, better suited to people like myself who have a Yin deficiency. Korean Ginseng is better suited to those who need to boost their Yang, or their Chi, in other words, folks who tend to run cool or cold and need to generate more heat, or Chi, or at least who are not always overheating every time the thermometer goes over 75 °. I definitely do not need to generate more heat! I'm already too warm most of the time as it is. That's why I also cannot use Ashwagandha. But I'm probably more the exception than the rule. This product contains a good dose of Korean Ginseng, and not only does it look to be a high quality Ginseng, but it also has other herbal ingredients with which I'm familiar that are definitely good for you, so I'm disappointed that I won't be able to take this. But as long as you're not like me, you should probably give this a try, because it looks absolutely awesome!

Awesome product!

I take one in the afternoon everyday!

Great product

After taking the products for 2 weeks I’m getting more energy and no longer need my regular coffee. Also sleeping quality getting better, no waking up in the middle of the night so getting more rest. I will continue to take this product.

High -Quality, Genuine Korean Ginseng Panax from a 120-Year-Old Business

There are 13 species of genuine ginseng, and a number of other herbal products labelled as ginseng, for example, Indian ginseng, otherwise known as Ashwagandha. There is also Brazilian and Siberian ginseng, however these don't originate from the Panax genus. There is a Panax genus grown in the United States and Canada, but it is the Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng) that is considered true ginseng and the most potent. It is often used in the orient and traditional Chinese medicine as a preventative, in other words, a supplement. It is also thought, in that modality, to enhance mood and cognition.JungKwanJang claims to be the worlds #1 producer of ginseng and at 120 yrs. old, a well-established business. They do have a prevalent presence on the internet. Besides supplying 2000mg of Panax Ginseng, the other ingredients include Propolis, used by bees to glue together their hives, agave syrup, fructooligosaccharide, a low-calorie natural sweetener found in plants, citric acid, licorice root and ginger syrup. There is also only 1gm of sugar per serving. There appears to be no unnatural ingredients; good stuff from a trusted supplier of Ginseng.The ginseng is supplied in a liquid carrier, in 10ml packets. In my case, I tear the packet at the end and squeeze some of the liquid under my tongue throughout the morning. To my taste, it has a bittersweet taste I don't find unpleasant; no doubt to the Asian sensibility, even more so. The liquid is reddish, derived from Red Ginseng. If the bitter taste range doesn't appeal to you, then it can be mixed with another liquid.

bitter beer face

I gave these a shot and I instantly got bitter beer face. Not for me.

Expensive, but great product Korean Red Ginseng

This is my first time trying Red Ginseng in liquid form. I decided that I would first mix it with water but the taste was still offputting to me. The next time I mixed it with a smoothie and it was fine that way. On the package, it had 1g of sugar per serving which is not bad. I did notice an energy boost similar to caffeine. With only 10 packs at about $3 a serving, I'm not likely to get any more. While I do understand that Korean Red Ginseng is quite expensive and does have health benefits, I'm not sure it is something I want to incorporate into my daily lifestyle.The package I received had an expiration date of 03/11/2026. This brand is the top one for Korean Red Ginseng, with a very long history, and I'm sure that those who need or want this will find it to be a great product.

very good product

I am very happy with this product

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