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CheongKwanJang to JungKwanJang

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey – the evolution of our brand name from "CheongKwanJang" to "JungKwanJang". This change is more than just a new name; it marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of our communities.

Why "JungKwanJang"?
The name "JungKwanJang" is rooted in our desire to reflect both our heritage and our forward-looking vision. It signifies "central", "primary", or "essential", embodying our role in your health regimen as a central wellspring of wellness and vitality. "Jung" emphasizes our core mission to provide essential, premium quality health products. Meanwhile, "KwanJang" continues to honor our tradition of excellence and trustworthiness in manufacturing.

Our Commitment Remains Unchanged
While our name evolves, our commitment to you remains unwavering. JungKwanJang will continue to harness the power of nature, combined with scientific innovation, to deliver products that support your health and well-being. Our dedication to purity, quality, and efficacy stands firm, as does our promise to be your trusted partner in wellness.

Looking Forward
This rebranding marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. As JungKwanJang, we are even more determined to explore innovative solutions, push the boundaries of health science, and provide you with products that enhance your quality of life. We are excited for what the future holds and deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue serving you under our new name.

Thank you for your steadfast support and trust in us. Together, let's embark on this renewed journey towards health and wellness.

Your health, our science, one future - JungKwanJang.


正官庄是拥有120年历史的草本滋补品标志性品牌,深受全球40多个国家的喜爱,根据Euromonitor报告被誉为世界第一人参品牌2012-2021 年。截至 2021 年,整个人参零售市场预计约为 4.9 亿美元,其中 韩国人参公司 CheongKwanJang 品牌以 48.3% 的市场份额领先,销售额约为 2,203 美元维生素和膳食补充剂类别中的百万美元。




韩国人参公司 (KGC) 享誉全球,拥有子公司 CheongKwanJang、Koreselect、GoodBASE 和 Donginbi,是人参第一品牌,拥有 120 多年的园艺和科学专业知识。

KGC 品牌使用最优质的人参与最好的草药和成分相结合,提供优质的产品来满足每个人的需求。我们的每种 CheongKwanJang 产品均经过韩国食品和科学部认证,仅含有优质人参提取物,这些提取物来自植物的根部,这些植物根部已经成熟了整整六年才能获得最佳效果。

100%订单农业和严格 原料安全管理


CheongKwanJang 只采购当地种植的顶级清洁原料。 6 年生人参是通过与具有令人印象深刻的农业专业知识的农民进行订单农业收获的。此外,对农场进行检查,以保证原料的安全,只有符合标准的农场才允许种植人参。

世界上最大的红参 制造业基础设施




GMP、HACCP、ISO 22000、清真、犹太洁食

我们的韩国人参生产设施已获得健康功能食品良好生产规范 (GMP) 认证、危害分析和关键控制点 (HACCP) 认证以及国际标准化组织 (ISO) 22000 认证,因其高品质而得到官方认可,以及 HALAL 和 KOSHER 认证。



CheongKwanJang作为优质品牌而闻名,这主要归功于其持续的研究和开发。 韩国人参研究所韩国人参公司 (KGC) 运营,由 130 多名顶尖研究人员组成。该研究所已注册红参相关专利240多项,自2000年以来,已发表研究论文310多篇,是该领域最多产的研究机构。

持续研究功效, 技术与安全

韩国人参研究所致力于通过研究和分析提高有效性、安全性和技术。这包括研究红参的科学和药用优势,并发现新用途。该研究所为红参研究和测试设定了很高的标准,并已使用正官庄红参证明了食品药品安全部认可的红参的 6 种主要功效中的 4 种。这些包括增加血液循环、增强记忆力、作为抗氧化剂以及帮助更年期妇女保持健康的能力。

SINCE 1899

The Premium Brand of the Korean Royal Palace

The origin of Korea Ginseng Corporation dates back to 1899 when the SamJeongGwa department was inaugurated within the Korean Empire's royal palace.

From that time, the state has regulated the production and farming of red ginseng with a vertically-integrated system to uphold quality and supervision.

For over a century, the renown of Korean red ginseng has been spread worldwide by the "JungKwanJang" name. In order to differentiate it from fake items, "JungKwanJang" was crafted by adding "Jung" meaning official product to "Kwan Jang".

This is why "JungKwanJang" continues to be a renowned red ginseng brand today.


Jung means “rightness”

Kwan means “government”

Jang means “factories”

Therefore, JungKwanJang means “Products rightfully made in government-supervised factories”

The taegeuk mark in the logo of JungKwanJang signifies its status as a nationally renowned item from Korea. The six stars to the left and right of the ginseng represent the prime quality of the 6-year-old red ginseng. The vivid red color of the logo reflects the intensity of Jung Kwan Jang's dedication to producing highly dependable red ginseng products.


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