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Best Immune Boosters for Children

Best Immune Boosters for Children

Since the beginning of time there have been bacteria and viruses that have wreaked havoc on those who have been infected. Sometimes there is no way around becoming ill, but as a society we have to take control of our health and find ways to boost our immune system to help prevent the spread of these diseases. The immune system is the barrier to these bacteria and viruses; and thus, provides a way for us to take control of our health. While other methods can help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as hand hygiene, it can only prevent so much. The key is to strengthen the immune system, so that the barriers to these bacteria and viruses are strong enough to fight back and keep those invaders out of one’s body. The immune system is what can prevent these bacteria and viruses from taking hold and leaving its devastating effects behind. Children are just developing their immune system and as such can be at increased risk for being infected with these diseases.


Korean Red Ginseng has been used to support and boost the immune system for centuries. It offers so many medicinal properties that allow for improved health. A study was conducted that evaluated Korean Red Ginseng’s ability to improve cold and flu like symptoms in the pediatric population and it was found that their symptoms recovered and the Korean Red Ginseng was well tolerated by this patient population (Phend, 2008) 

The Korean Red Ginseng actually has many properties that boost immunity; however, there is one specific compound that works to boost and activate the adaptive arm of the immune system to aid in fighting off those pathogens that can result in such devastating illnesses. The compound that offers this great benefit is known as Galacturonic Acid. Galacturonic Acid works by activating the specific cells of the adaptive arm of the immune system.  With this activation, the population is able to fight off disease at a faster and more successful rate.  When the immune system is functioning at its highest capability, the individual will remain healthy and more infections and illnesses will be prevented. 

While children are resilient, their immune systems are still developing. Providing them with natural centuries old root that will offer medicinal benefit offers so many positive outcomes for a long, healthy life.  

Korea Ginseng Corp offers Kid Tonic that has Korean Red Ginseng extract as one of the components to help boost the immune system of the pediatric population while promoting a lifestyle of health and wellbeing.  

Below are Kid Tonics are from CheongKwanJang, Korea Ginseng Corp’s well renowned brand.  

Kid Tonic Step 1 is for ages 3 to 4- During the important development stage of preschool, Korean Red Ginseng Kid Tonic provides your children with immune enhancement to build a solid foundation for health.

Kid Tonic Step 2 is for ages 5 to 7- It supports your children with immune and stamina enhancement formula.

Kid Tonic Step 3 is for ages 8 to 10- Consistent health care is more crucial than ever at this stage. Step 3 is specially formulated to enhance kids’ stamina and immune system.

These are delicious health drinks that are great for those children the specific ages mentioned above. These tonics contain Vitamin C, Minerals, Jujube Fruit, Chlorella Extract and Deer Antler Extract.  Great for school lunches! 

Children are our future and we must invest in their health and wellbeing by providing them with the tools to succeed.


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