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Cheon Nok Extract: Red Ginseng & Deer Antler

Cheon Nok Extract: Red Ginseng & Deer Antler

Korea Ginseng Corp has been producing Korean Red Ginseng in many different ginseng supplements for many years. In doing so, Korea Ginseng Corp has created an ingenious way to ensure that the consumer receives the highest quality of Korean Red Ginseng via a vertical integration system. Cheon Nok Extract is one of those products that utilize Korean Red Ginseng to promote immune health.


Cheon Nok Extract is a supplement that contains the best Korean Red Ginseng as well as Deer Antler Velvet Premium Extract.  This supplement is best suited for those individuals who want to improve their physical health and immune system.  It is perfect for those individuals who are suffering from low energy and high fatigue, regardless of the source. Fatigue can occur from a variety of reasons including being overworked, undergoing intense stress, or having an irregular life pattern. If any of these instances described above apply to you, then this is the product that will focus on boosting energy and physical health via the long-standing proven medicinal benefits of Korean Red Ginseng.  If you are easily tired and suffer from exhaustion which also means a lack of physical vitality, then the Cheon Nok Extract is the supplement that focuses on immune health and physical health.  

Cheon Nok Extract produced by Korea Ginseng Crop contains both Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet.  Both of these ingredients in the formula, have been used for centuries by Eastern medicine to promote immune health. 

Deer Antler Velvet has been used for many years as a means to stimulate one’s immune system in Eastern medicine practices.  As research continues to advance, Deer Antler Velvet is beginning to show promise as a supplement even in the Western medical world.  Deer Antler Velvet boosts the body’s natural ability to promote immunity via supporting healthy immune function.  According to Gevir (2018), Deer Antler Velvet is, “the perfect supplement to help tackle the flu this flu season, not only does it stimulate the immune system, in addition deer velvet is used to boost strength and endurance, improve the way the immune system works, counter the effects of stress, and promote rapid recovery from illness” (Gevir, 2018). 

Korean Red Ginseng is a potent immune modulator.  Korean Red Ginseng contains ginsenosides.  Ginsenosides have been of great benefit to those in the Eastern medical world as an immune modulator.  Ginsenosides have also been thought to have anti-tumor benefits.  These Ginsenosides do this via regulation of the immune system. These ginsensoides also promote immune health and help to ensure the body’s natural homeostasis.  When the body is in homeostasis, it has the ability to heal itself and promote immune health (Reyes, 2020).   


Cheon Nok Extract contains some of the purest Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet that exists in the world today. The amount of vertical integration that goes into ensuring that each consumer receives only the highest quality of ingredients is above par. Do not miss out on the opportunity to prioritize your health and ensure your longevity and vitality with Cheon Nok Extract. 

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