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Convenient Immunity Boosters for Working Parents

Convenient Immunity Boosters for Working Parents

Here are immunity boosting must-haves that you should be carrying with you to work.

Working parents have a high risk of catching a sickness bug and passing it on to their kids. This is why strengthening the immune system is very important, especially with parents with little kids.

However, working parents have a lot on their plate, so they sometimes forget to take care of their health. With that said, they need immunity boosters that are convenient to consume.

Here are four immunity-boosting must-haves for parents who do not have much time for taking care of themselves:

KGCUS Extract Everytime

One of the best ginseng supplements out there, KGCUS Extract Everytime is a very convenient way to maintain a healthy immune system. It contains 3,000 mg of Korean red ginseng that is matured for six years to ensure efficacy and potency. This super herb can help boost the immune system, increase stamina, increase energy levels, among many other health benefits.

Because it is packed in 10 mL pouches, Extract Everytime can be consumed anywhere at any time. A box of 30 or 10 packets can also be conveniently bought online at

Citrus fruits

Always bring a citrus fruit in your bag and eat it as dessert. Citrus fruits, as we know, have high vitamin C content, and this vitamin is believed to increase white blood cell production -- the cells that fight infection.

You can bring a grapefruit or orange daily and eat it as a lunch dessert or as a snack.


Instead of snacking on salty chips or sugary pastries, go with a pack of almonds. These nuts contain the powerful antioxidant vitamin E, which is also key to healthy immunity.

Since adults need just about 15 mg of vitamin E daily, 46 whole shelled almonds or half a cup serving is enough.


Another dessert choice you can bring to the office is yogurt. However, make sure to get ones that have live and active cultures. Greek yogurt has these healthy bacteria, and they can power up your immune system in defending the body from diseases.

It's recommended to get the plain ones rather than the flavored ones. Add natural flavors by squeezing Vitamin C-packed citrus fruits like lemon or slicing chunks of kiwi. Kiwi is also loaded with Vitamin C and other nutrients like vitamin K, folate, and potassium.

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