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Father’s Day, A Day for Reflection and Appreciation

Father’s Day, A Day for Reflection and Appreciation
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A Global Celebration of Fatherhood

Just as fathers are an important part of families across the globe, Father’s Day is a global holiday (though not all countries celebrate it in June). The specific responsibilities and role of fathers in families varies between cultures and within cultures between families. Regardless of the specific dynamics of each family, fathers are an important part of those families and provide important support for their children and partners.

Origin of Father’s Day

In 1909 Sonora Louise Smart Dodd petitioned to create a holiday to honor her widowed father who had raised her and her five younger brothers since she was 16. Mother’s Day was already celebrated at this time, and she wanted to create an equivalent holiday to celebrate fathers and fatherhood.

It was difficult for Dodd to gain support but after gaining the backing of local churches Father’s Day became an official local holiday in Spokane, Washington. Dodd wanted it to be celebrated on her father’s birthday in early June, but local pastors convinced her to move the day back to late June to give them enough time to prepare sermons after Mother’s Day.

Dodd spent over half a century fighting to make Father’s Day a national holiday. In 1914 Mother’s Day became a national holiday but it wouldn’t be until 1972 that Father’s Day would gain national status. Today, Father’s Day is celebrated across the world. It is celebrated during the last week of June in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia and on various days globally.

What Father’s Day Celebrates

Father’s Day is a time to reflect on, celebrate, and show appreciation for the important role that fathers play in shaping and supporting children. The role of fathers has changed a lot since the advent of Father’s Day in the early 1900’s. Today fathers are much more active in child-rearing and emotional support. Breadwinning is no longer the dominant definition of fatherhood, in fact there are many fathers who support their family by staying home and caring for their children and household.

Fathers provide much more than financial support for families. Fathers provide stability and support to their children and partners. They help maintain the household and make sure children learn and grow into healthy and well-adjusted adults. Fathers provide emotional support when children are sad or having a difficult time. They provide structure when children need direction. They provide protection for their families. They stand up for and stand by their children through the good and the bad times.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is all about recognizing the important role that fathers play in their children’s lives and the lives of their partners or co-parents. It is a time to reflect on and show your appreciation and respect for who your father is not only as a parent but as a person. There are countless ways to celebrate Father’s Day: with a family barbecue, by inviting friends and family for a large celebration, or by having a quiet day at home with the immediate or extended family.

No matter how you choose to celebrate it, the point is to spend time together. It is a day for fathers to relax and bask in the love of those they have cared for and continue to care for. You could watch your father’s favorite movie or play their favorite board game. You could cook their favorite dinner, take them to their favorite restaurant, or order their favorite take out. Either way, the point is to make the day all about them.

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