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Healthy Gift Ideas Your Whole Family Will Be Thankful For 2019

Healthy Gift Ideas Your Whole Family Will Be Thankful For 2019



Let me guess. Perhaps you’re interested to try Red Ginseng after seeing it so many times on your favorite Korean Dramas. However, seeing countless options may overwhelm you and you may not know which one to try. That’s okay. That’s why I’m here today! Gift giving is a big deal in Korea, especially during the holidays like the Lunar New Year. Thanks to the thoughtful culture, KGC has prepared for you the Lunar New Year Promotion on the best sellers of the entire store to spend less and keep your entire family happy and healthy.

1. For your busy businessman father – Extract Everytime

Extract Everytime

Yes! Extract Everytime is the Korean Red Ginseng everyone is sucking on in those Korean dramas you’ve watched. It is 100% Korean red ginseng extract mixed with purified water. The best part of it is that; it is conveniently packaged in small stick pouches for easy portability. Can it be a better gift for your busy working dad? Pop one in his pocket every day, and he’s good to go!

2. For your sister who suffers from menstrual cramps every month – Women’s Balance

Women’s Balance

Sometimes painkillers and chocolate bars can be insufficient for her shark week. Women’s Balance is formulated especially for women. The mixture of 6-years-grown Korean red ginseng along with other wonderful ingredients such as pomegranate extract and cranberry extract, not only makes it taste delightful, but it may help reduce PMS symptoms and menstrual pain when taken regularly.

3. For your picky eating little brother in college – Good Base: Red Ginseng & Blueberry

Red Ginseng & Blueberry

There is no doubt that Good Base is the most delicious supplemental nutrition drink in the entire store, which makes it hard to believe its incredible nutrition that comes from the world’s finest natural fruits. So don’t worry if your little brother needs an extra kick to pull all-nighters for his upcoming exams. Plus, we can’t forget about the blueberry’s remarkable benefits for the eyes and memory capacity. Maybe it’s time to put down those sugary energy drinks and drink up some Good Base.

4. For your mom to maintain her beautiful, youthful smile – Donginbi Eye Cream

Donginbi Eye Cream

Everyone ages, but her skin can wait. Donginbi’s Red Ginseng Power Repair Intensive Eye Cream is a premium eye cream with our trinity of red ginseng oil, the condensate, and the extract that deeply moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes to help firm up and reduce the appearance of fine lines. I promise this will be a gift any mother, I mean, any woman will cherish.

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox

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