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How to boost your immunity for the winter season

How to boost your immunity for the winter season
Although the astronomical winter begins in late December, it already feels like winter on the east coast.

When winter is coming close, it means Kimchi-making season in Korean tradition. During this time of the year, families come together and prepare a large amount of Kimchi to last them through the winter. So, how are you preparing for the upcoming long frosty season?

Boost your immunity for the winter: Lifestyle habits

Boost your immunity for the winter: Lifestyle habits

Cold weather may weaken your immune system.
A lot of people struggle with flu during winter from lack of outdoor activities and poor air ventilation. Good habits are extra crucial in protecting your immune system during winter!

(1). Maintaining the proper indoor humidity levels and staying hydrated

Too much exposure to heaters may be doing more harm than just doing its job in keeping you warm. Excessive heating often causes dryness. To avoid this issue, keeping the proper humidity levels is essential. Try using a humidifier, or hanging wet towels around the room. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drinking adequate amount of water can prevent flu. Two liters of water per day is recommended by the health experts.

(2). Washing your hands

Remember, forgetting to simply wash your hands can cost lives. This simple habit is the best way to stop germs from spreading. Make sure to thoroughly rub the soap between your fingers, on the back of your hands, nails, and wrists for at least 20 seconds before rinsing it off.

Boost your immunity for the winter: Eating habits

Boost your immunity for the winter

(1) Garlic

Garlic is one of the top 10 healthiest food on the planet according to Times-News. Besides many benefits of this healthy food, it can combat sickness including flu. Particularly, allicin in garlic offers antioxidant benefits, which may help with a number of diseases by boosting immunity and cutting cholesterol.

(2) Lemon

Lemon is widely known to be great for reducing flu symptoms as it decreases the virus and phlegm. Vitamin C, citric acid, and calcium in lemon can effectively prevent flu, and overcoming fatigue.

Boost your immunity for the winter: Korean Red Ginseng Extract (홍삼정)

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

The first word that may come to your mind when you think of red ginseng is “immunity”.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract is the most concentrated and pure form of 100% six-year-old premium Korean Red Ginseng roots available on the market.

KRG Extracts retain the rich flavor of ginseng and their active components at an optimal level, such that even a small dose is enough to reap all of the health benefits of red ginseng.

We highly recommend Korean Red Ginseng Extract for anyone who needs an extra boost for the immune system during the cold weather!

Strengthening the immunity for the winter

Strengthening the immunity for the winter is not that hard with just a bit of an effort. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you will own this freezing weather!

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