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Is Ginseng a Superfood? Here's What You Need to Know!

Is Ginseng a Superfood? Here's What You Need to Know!

Is Ginseng a Superfood?

Ginseng is one of the most commonly used herbs in Asia. The plants are native to this region and commonly cultivated throughout China, Korea, and other parts of eastern Asia. The herb has been used since ancient times as a treatment for a variety of ailments. Ginseng has been used in many different cultures for thousands of years to promote physical and mental health.

Every day a new superfood hits the market, but how do you know which ones are worth adding to your diet? Some of them seem too good to be true and can have negative side effects. It’s been used medicinally for centuries in Asia because of its many health benefits. As a result, there are many different types of ginseng available today.

This article will focus on red Korean ginseng, which is considered the most superior type of ginseng due to its high concentration of red ginsenosides.

Ginseng's numerous active ingredients make it one of the most highly sought-after superfoods. Within the ginseng family, Korean ginseng reigns as the most efficacious, given its high levels of saponin and non-saponin ingredients not found in other types of ginseng.

Below, we’ll go over what this root veggie is, why it’s so beneficial, and if it actually qualifies as a superfood!

Benefits of Ginseng

Being one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world, ginseng has been studied extensively, making it easy to learn its benefits. Ginseng has been found to have many interesting properties, including the following: By boosting the immune system, ginseng can help fight off infections and keep you healthy. - Improving Cognitive Function - Ginseng has been shown to improve focus, mental clarity Ginseng has also been shown to improve mood and reduce feelings of stress. - Helping with Stress - Ginseng has been shown to reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. This makes it a great supplement for people who are experiencing high levels of stress or are suffering from anxiety. - Blood Flow - Ginseng has been shown to improve blood flow, which can help with sexual health and fertility.

Korean Red Ginseng has been utilized by those practicing Eastern medicine for centuries as a modality to boost the immune system. Maintaining immune health is imperative to overall health and wellness. It promotes immune health, reduces fatigue, improves stamina, stimulates brain health and focus. 

Korean Red Ginseng has a wide variety of valuable saponins like Rb1 which can help maintain healthy liver and brain function. It also has a plentiful supply of non-saponin ingredients, including acidic polysaccharide,
which has been shown to be helpful in controlling cholesterol levels.

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