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Korean Red Ginseng for Immune Support of Children from 3 to 4 Years of Age

Korean Red Ginseng for Immune Support of Children from 3 to 4 Years of Age

Between the ages of three and six, children evolve from playing independently to playing with others in group settings. Children may also start going to preschool or pre-K programs, where they are surrounded by many other children. While this can be very exciting, it also comes with its own set of challenges. For example, when one child comes down with a sickness, it can be transmitted to the other children very quickly.

Young children can get sick often because their immune system has not been fully developed yet. Their body is largely unfamiliar with the variety of germs and diseases that adults are used to, and it is common for children to be sickly early on from common diseases like the common cold. There are two types of immune responses in the body: innate, which are the immune machinery we are born with, and adaptive, which refers to immunity we develop over the course of our lives. Children, which may have a high level of innate immunity, still lack adaptive immunity as they may have not been exposed to many pathogens yet and have not developed immunity to them.  Over time, children will develop the adaptive immunity needed to not get sick as often.  But in the meantime, you may wish to consider supplementing your child’s immune health with Korean red ginseng, which has been shown to support immune health.

Eventually, given enough time and care, your child’s body will develop the immune system infrastructure necessary to overcome these common illnesses without issue. Of course, for more serious diseases like Measles, Mumps, or Rubella, vaccines are needed in order to guarantee not only your child’s safety from these diseases, but also to protect their friends at daycare, preschool, etc.

With that being said, it does not hurt to support your child’s immune system to help it be better able to fend off sickness as your child develops acquired immunity to various germs.  Korean red ginseng’s effects to support overall health, including immune health, make it a good choice for children aged 3 to 4 years old. 

Korean red ginseng has always been a popular supplement for cooking, energy drinks, tea drinking, and other applications in Korean society. Not only does it add a sweet but earthy taste to any meal or tea, it also boosts immune health and rejuvenates the body from fatigue. Research indicates that taking Korean red ginseng can support immune health. The benefits of Korean red ginseng in supporting the immune system do not stop at adults either; Korean red Ginseng is especially beneficial for improving children’s immune system as well. In a study tracking the production of white blood cells among children, the group that took Korean red Ginseng was shown to have higher production of white blood cells over the control group that did not receive any attention (Lee, et al., 2012).

Korean Ginseng Corp sells the best Korean red ginseng which has been shown to maintain immune health, not only in adults but also in children.  We make special ginseng products for children of various ages so that they can reap the health benefits of the best Korean red ginseng, which has the most nutrients and healthy compounds of any ginseng on the market.

Korean Ginseng Corp offers a variety of ginseng beverages and tonics that are tailor-made for children of a variety of age ranges. We offer Korean ginseng tonics for children aged 3-4 in the form of small packets which are convenient for an on-the-go drink. Support the health of your preschool aged child with Korean Red Ginseng Tonic Step 1.

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