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Korean Red Ginseng to Help Make Your Immune System A Fortress

Korean Red Ginseng to Help Make Your Immune System A Fortress

Ginseng for Immune Health

Ginseng supplements are a great and simple way to boost your immune system. Ginseng has been associated with numerous immune-functioning benefits including increased production of key immune cells, increased antibody response, and antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Beyond this, ginseng has also been shown to help regulate sleep: key to overall health and cellular- and system-level functioning. Korea Ginseng Corp brings you the best supplements for your immune system made from the best Korean red ginseng. Read on to learn more.          

Ginseng for Increased Immune Cell Production

Ginseng is linked to increased production of immune cells including macrophages, dendritic cells, and Natural Killer cells, all of which are key to immune system functioning. These cells, together with antibodies, are key to your body’s ability to recognize, target, and destroy invading viruses and bacteria. The ability of your body to respond to these invaders is the determining factor in your ability to withstand and recover from viruses and infections.

Koreselect Immunity is specially designed for immune support, using potent, high-quality 6-year aged Korean red ginseng and a proprietary blend of medicinal plants and herbs including elderberry. The liquid form and added power of elderberry – a long-acknowledged homeopathic immune-boosting fruit – make this ginseng supplement a particularly potent weapon against contagious illness. The liquid form, in individual packets, make this supplement easy to incorporate into your daily routine – simply drink it as a shot or add it to your morning tea.

Ginseng for Boosted Antibody Response

Along with boosting immune cell production, ginseng has also been linked to boosting antibody response within the immune system. Antibody response works with immune cell production to provide frontline immune defenses key to your body’s ability to recognize, target, and attack invader viruses and bacteria. Increasing the power and speed with which antibodies respond to invader viruses and bacteria increases your body’s ability to fend off and recover quickly from illness.

Korea Ginseng Corp’s Extract Capsule Gold delivers a potent dose of 420 milligrams of Korean red ginseng in an easy to swallow capsule. This high dose delivered through a time release capsule means that your body will continue absorbing and benefitting from the immune-boosting power of ginseng throughout the day. Extract Capsule Gold is designed in an easy to swallow form and can be easily incorporated into your daily supplement regimen.

Ginseng for Antioxidants

Ginseng has also been shown to provide antioxidant support. Antioxidants provide cellular protection and recovery from the ravages of free radicals. These free radicals can build up and cause significant damage to cells and bodily systems including the immune system. This protective and regenerative power also applies to immune cells, making antioxidants another key to an optimally functioning immune system.

KGC’s Hwang Jan Din Tonic combines the antioxidative powers of Korean red ginseng with a proprietary blend of natural medicinal plants and herbs and deer antler velvet. Deer antler velvet is long-held in Chinese and Korean natural medicine to bring longevity. Together, this potent blend provides a potent dose of antioxidative ginseng and a health and vitality promoting natural medicinal blend. Hwang Jan Din Tonic can be taken alone as a tonic or added to tea.

Ginseng for Sleep Regulation

Regular sound sleep may not be the first thing that jumps into your mind when you think of how to boost your immune system. However, sleep plays a vital role in the regulation and regeneration of your body at the cellular- and system-level. Beyond this, fatigue can compound the physical effects of illness and diminish your body’s healing capacity. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health, including, of course, immune health.

KGC’s Tonic Gold provides all of the sleep-regulating (and immune-boosting) support of ginseng in a tonic that brings the deep, robust earthy flavor loved by ginseng enthusiasts. Ginseng can also have an energizing effect, so it is best to take this tonic in the mornings. Taking this tonic regularly – that is, making ginseng a regular part of your health supplement routine – can help regulate your sleep cycles. This tonic can be taken alone as a shot or added to delicious tea.


Korea Ginseng Corp is the best source for red ginseng –the most potent form of ginseng. Korea Ginseng Corp offers Korean Red Ginseng products including delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, and more that can help you boost your immune system and help you live your best life. Korea Ginseng Corp’s skincare line, Donginbi, offers a range of products to help you radiate your internal well-being for the external world.

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