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The Inactivity-Immunity Connection

The connection between energy and immunity is usually envisioned as the lethargy that comes with illness, but it also works in reverse: lethargy can compromise immune functioning. We all hit moments where we feel lackluster, social distancing by self-quarantining at home can induce this sensation in even the highest-energy individual. This dullness is further exacerbated by cold weather, which diminishes your opportunities for activity, leaving little to get energized about day-to-day.h

Regular physical activity is key to immune functioning; thus, lethargy can diminish your immune functioning. Thankfully, Korea Ginseng Corp's Koreselect Energy is the perfect daily energy booster to help you beat the humdrums and manifest health – read on to learn how!

Quarantine Humdrums

Regular physical activity supports a host of health benefits from mood and sleep stability to cellular growth and maintenance, specifically, the role of regular physical activity in immune functioning is well-documented.
Everyday bursts of physical activities such as walking (quickly) from your car to work or run errands, power-walking through stores, or doing moderately intense housework, while seemingly ineffective, can potentially add up to the 30-45 minutes of physical activity required every day. However, for countless people, the pandemic, and the move to work from home and social distancing from friends, family, and other people generally, has brought an effective self-quarantine which removes the majority of these sources of everyday physical activity.

These normal sources of physical activity could be replaced by exercise of course, however, the monotony of daily life in quarantine can easily zap your energy and with it your desire to pick up unnecessary activities such as exercise.

Out Cold for Hibernation

With cooler weather comes a decrease in outdoor activity options, for many, this can put the kibosh on exercise which further reduces the chances of meeting your daily activity needs. Beyond being confined indoors, the reduction in daylight ours and compulsion toward hibernation that come with the winter season exacerbate the sense of lethargy wrought by the pandemic.

To reiterate, regular physical activity is key to balanced mood and sleep and healthy immune functioning. Balanced mood and sleep in turn help you feel energized. Completing the cycle, energy in turn helps you maintain regular physical activity.

This cycle of wellness is at its most important in the winter months, otherwise known as "cold and flu season" when low energy, decreased activity, dry air, and dampness and cold compromise the immune system, which combine with increased indoor populations to create a perfect storm for illness.

Korean Red Ginseng for Healthful Energy

Medical studies have shown that consuming ginseng is linked to increased energy, as well as improved focus and balanced sleep – both of which help you make the most of that extra energy. Further, Korean ginseng can help strengthen your system by providing a host of other health benefits, namely maintaining immune system function as the organ level and the cellular level, promoting the production of key frontline-defense antibodies so you can use that energy to meet the day- even if that day is spent at home.
Korean red ginseng is produced by steaming ginseng root in a method that maintains the character and quality of the ginseng while amplifying the potency of its medicinal properties. Korea Ginseng Corp uses the best Korean red ginseng to bring you health-boosting products that offer the highest quality and greatest potency possible. KGC offers a range of supplements, tonics, teas, candies, and other ginseng products to fit your health and lifestyle needs.

Beat the Winter Blues with Koreselect Energy

Working regular physical activity into your daily activities during self-quarantine, especially in the winter, takes intent and effort – not to mention creativity - and it takes routinization of that activity, all of which require energy.

Koreselect Energy is a great way to boost your daily energy with the power of the best Korean red ginseng delivered in the highest potency dose. Koreselect Energy is made to be easily incorporated into your daily routine: it's mild taste and liquid form facilitate making this supplement an unobtrusive addition to your morning tea – or you can take the health shot by itself with your daily vitamins.

Koreselect Energy, when incorporated into your daily routine, can help give you the energy boost you need to integrate physical activity into your at-home work, whether that is walking while you talk on the phone, doing squats while you read, or finding moderately intense housework to work into your day.

Even better, not only will Koreselect Energy give you the boost of energy you need to fight the humdrums of self-quarantine in winter, but it will give you the added benefit of the immune-boosting power of the best Korean red ginseng.

Korea Ginseng Corp

Korea Ginseng Corp is your source for an array of the best Korean red ginseng products available. KGC Korean Red Ginseng products include a wide range of cut ginseng root, ginseng supplements – including their new Koreselect line) and tonics, and delicious teas, flavored drinks, and treats that can help you function at your peak performance. KGC also offers a skin care line (Donginbi) that can help you radiate your inner wellbeing for the world to see.

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