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Korean Red Ginseng, Immunity, and Allergies

Korean Red Ginseng, Immunity, and Allergies
Spring Bloom

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, spring is one of the most common seasons to contract a cold. The spring is the beginning of warmer temperatures when people start to renew their out-of-doors activities.

However, spring, in many places, can still bring seasonal frosts and, while spring showers are common, early spring can often mean low humidity (dry air). Both cold temperatures and low humidity can increase the risk of catching a cold or virus.

Read on to learn how taking Korean red ginseng, for example, in the form of ginseng supplements, can help you boost your immune system, so you are ready to meet the spring with all of the vigor necessary to get the most out of this season of renaissance.

Korean Red Ginseng and Whole-System Wellness

Ginseng is generally anecdotally associated with wellness. However, Korean red ginseng is the only form of ginseng clinically associated with myriad health benefits ranging from cellular to system-level functioning support. High-quality, Korean red ginseng supplements such as CheongKwanJang’s Koreselect Wellness are designed to provide such whole-system wellness.

Korean red ginseng is the most potent form of ginseng. Not only is Korean ginseng root the most naturally effective variety of the set of plants called “ginseng,” but the steaming process which produces red ginseng creates chemical reactions which increase the root’s medicinal powers.

Korean red ginseng provides a spectrum of medicinal properties that benefit many cells and systems within the body. Korean red ginseng has been clinically associated with benefits such as cellular regeneration, increased energy, increased immune system functioning, cognitive functioning, and temperature regulation.

Koreselect Wellness promotes overall wellness, specifically targeting immune function, focus, and energy. Koreselect Wellness combines the whole-system wellness-boosting power of Korean red ginseng with the energy and mood-boosting power of Theobroma cacao (cocoa) extract.

Korean Red Ginseng and Immune System Function

Korean red ginseng has been shown to provide support for a variety of bodily systems. However, Korean red ginseng’s medicinal powers regarding immune system support are among the most well-documented. Korean red ginseng has been clinically linked to increased production of various immune-defense cells including macrophages, Natural Killer cells, and dendritic cells and lymphocyte production – all of which play key roles in the body’s ability to fight viruses and infections. Taking Korean red ginseng supplements such as Koreselect Immune can help you reap the immune-boosting power of Korean red ginseng.

Beyond providing immune system support cellular production support, Korean red ginseng has also been shown to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic benefits which help reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with the body’s response to foreign particles, as well as anti-oxidative properties which diminish the effects of harmful free radicals.

Koreselect Immune combines the potency of the best Korean red ginseng with the immune-supporting power of Elderberry to provide an immune-system-kick start. Koreselect Immune comes in pouches so they are easy to consume on the go.  

Korean Red Ginseng and Energy

Beyond boosting your immune system and enhancing cellular regeneration, Korean red ginseng has also been clinically associated with increased energy levels. Not only does Korean red ginseng provide an energy-boost, but it also helps regulate sleep and enhance cognitive functioning including memory and concentration.

Obviously, feeling well – having an immune system functioning at peak – is key to feeling alive with energy. However, beyond immune system support, Korean red ginseng has also been associated with increasing energy as well as fighting the symptoms co-occurring with lack of energy.

There is some clinical evidence to support the long-held use of Korean red ginseng for battling fatigue. Further research suggests that Korean red ginseng can increase cognitive function associated with concentration and information processing.

Finally, beyond providing an energy boost and the diminishment of symptoms associated with fatigue and general lack of energy, Korean red ginseng has also been linked to sleep regulation. Laboratory studies have shown that Korean red ginseng has a regulating effect on sleep patterns and assists in reaching and maintaining REM (deep) sleep.

Korea Ginseng Corp

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