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Red Ginseng & Deer Antler Velvet Extract – The Amazing Health Benefits

Red Ginseng & Deer Antler Velvet Extract – The Amazing Health Benefits

Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet is one of the greatest substances that have been participating actively in healing various ailments. It offers immense health benefits and has been a part of Chinese medicine for 2000 years. Another essential ingredient of medical treatment is Korean Red Ginseng. It is an Asian herb that is grown with acute care and monitoring. The extract of the both substances has been proven to cure many ailments apart from maintaining a sound health.

The tissue covering the cartilage and bone that grow into antlers of a deer, is called deer antler velvet. Traditionally, deer antler velvet has been used to counter stress effects, strengthen the immune system, and boost strength. It also helps in faster recovery from illnesses and is used at winter's onset to drive away infections. Other applications of the substance include treatment of muscle pains and aches, migraines, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, indigestion, asthma and other health issues. Additionally, deer antler velvet is employed for promoting youthfulness, sharpening thinking skills, stimulating circulation and production of blood, protecting the liver against toxins, and increasing red blood cell number.

Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng is a slow-growing plant with massive roots that is famous for its wondrous healing properties. Growing the herb is very tough and time-consuming. Ginseng needs to be cultivated over a period of 6 years in a shaded and warm area. It has fork-shaped roots with long stalks and oval-shaped green leaves. It is rich in ginsenosides that are responsible for the amazing healing properties of the plant. The chemical structure of the active ingredient in ginseng is similar to that of the human hormones. Thus, Korean Red Ginseng can easily enhance insulin production and regulate blood pressure, which in turn elevates the metabolism. Along with treating physical health, it is also known to improve mental health, ensuring ultimate well-being. After extensive research on the healing properties of Korean Red Ginseng, it is used in various medicines in the form of extracts.

Advantages of Korean Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet Extract:

Let’s check the advantages of both the amazing extracts:

Restorative powers - Both elements are known to enhance stamina of the body, resulting in a fresh body and mind.

Enhances mood - The active ingredients of the both extracts enhance metabolism, which positively influences the mood, memory and alertness.

Reduces stress – The extracts of Korean Red Ginseng and deer antler velvet help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension.

Heals wounds - IGF-1 is an active ingredient of deer antler velvet that helps in reconstruction of the matrix, a building block of protein that is needed to grow cells.

Boosts immune system - Both deer antler velvet and Korean Red Ginseng boost the immune system, which keeps several ailments away.

Rich source of antioxidants – As both are rich sources of antioxidants, they help to cleanse and detox body.

Relieves fatigue - Accumulation of excessive metabolite and depletion of the source of energy causes fatigue. This physical condition can be overcome with proper dosage of red ginseng and deer antler velvet.

How to Consume the Extracts?

The extracts of deer antler velvet and Korean Red Ginseng can be obtained in the form of tablets, capsules, drinks and tonics. The other variation is in the form of pouches named I-Pass, Hong Sam Won, etc. Let’s check out some of the top-notch products available in the market, which are made with deer antler velvet and Korean Red Ginseng:

Cheon Nok Tonic – This is a premium deer antler product developed to enhance the health and well-being of modern families. It is a suitable product for people looking for better health and increased vitality.


In Conclusion

The deer antler velvet is taken from the deer with utmost care, without harming the animals. In addition to this, the ginseng in the above supplements is the best quality, 6-years-grown Korean Red Ginseng that offers a host of health benefits. Extensive researches on these substances have been done on the molecular level to prove their efficiency.


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