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The Koreselect Collection

The Koreselect Collection

Learn more about CheongKwanJang’s newest ginseng supplements that are safe and effective for strengthening the immune system during allergy season.

The CheongKwanJang brand carries Korea Ginseng Corp’s ginseng supplements, including tonics and extracts. They recently released a new collection of ginseng products, the Koreselect Collection, consisting of five different supplements -- Koreselect Immune, Koreselect Energy, Koreselect Stamina, Koreselect Balance, and Koreselect Wellness. All of these supplements are made of the best Korean red ginseng and other powerful ingredients that ensure the highest efficacy and potency.

This article will discuss each of these non-GMO, vegan, and caffeine-free supplements and their benefits to health and overall well-being.

What is Koreselect Immune?

Koreselect Immune is for any adult looking to make their immune systems stronger.

Koreselect Immune gives you the extra boost you need for your immune system, making it the best supplement to take during the spring allergy season. It comes in convenient 10 ml liquid stick packs, so you can take and consume it anywhere at any time.

Continuous consumption of one to two Koreselect Immune pouches daily can provide the following benefits:

- Stronger immune system and overall wellness

- Maintained energy levels

- Antioxidant support

- Memory and brain function support

- Faster fatigue recovery

- Blood circulation support

What is Koreselect Energy?

Koreselect Energy is perfect for adults who always feel tired during the day.

Koreselect Energy is formulated to boost energy levels. Just like Koreselect Immune, Koreselect Energy comes in 10 ml stick packs for convenient consumption. The Korean red ginseng extract is mixed with water and honey, so this one has a lighter ginseng flavor, making it perfect for those who are not used to the bitter taste of ginseng.

Here are the benefits of the continuous consumption of Koreselect Energy:

- Higher energy levels

- Healthy immune system

- Better cognitive function and better concentration

- Healthy blood circulation

What is Koreselect Stamina?

Koreselect Stamina is for men who need to have high endurance and stamina.

Koreselect Stamina is perfect for men who want to boost their stamina levels and immune systems, particularly those that have jobs that require high endurance and stamina like medical workers, construction workers, gym trainers, and military personnel. Koreselect Stamina comes in soft gel capsules, and each capsule contains powdered red ginseng extract, L-Arginine, Maca extract, Zinc, and Octacosanol.

Continuous consumption of one Koreselect Stamina gel capsule two times a day can do the following:

- Healthy stamina levels

- High endurance

- Strong immune system

- Improved mood

- Improved blood flow

What is Koreselect Balance?

Koreselect Balance is formulated for women who are struggling with menopause effects.

Koreselect Balance is specially formulated for women to help with the effects of menopause which may be difficult to manage. Along with Korean red ginseng, Koreselect Balance also contains peony root extract and bamboo leaf extract and all blended together using cutting-edge technology to double the potency.


Continuous consumption of one Koreselect Balance veggie capsule twice a day can:

- Help with mental clarity

- Boost the immune system

- Improve mood

- Fight insomnia

- Support a healthy immune system

What is Koreselect Wellness?

Koreselect Wellness is perfect for adults who want to improve their overall well-being and health.

Koreselect Wellness is similar to Koreselect Immune as this product is formulated to effectively boost the immune system and improve well-being. However, the former comes in soft veggie gels, whereas the latter is in stick packs. Koreselect Wellness is formulated to stabilize the immune system, energy levels, and focus and is perfect for those who prefer capsules over liquid supplements.

Continuous consumption of one Koreselect Wellness veggie capsule three times a day can give the following benefits:

- Improved and stabilized immune system

- Improved clarity and focus

- Healthy brain functions

- Healthy energy levels and stamina

- Healthy blood circulation

Because all five supplements from the Koreselect Collection are vegan, caffeine-free, non-GMO, and made according to the highest quality standards, you can effectively boost your immune system and energy levels without any harmful effects. However, it is important to remember that all supplements cannot prevent or cure any illness. It is also recommended to seek your doctor's advice before consuming them, especially if you are on medication, pregnant, or nursing.

Where can you buy Koreselect products?

The Koreselect Collection supplements are available at Korea Ginseng Corp.’s website at, as well as other ginseng products from CheongKwanJang. And this spring, get to purchase Koreselect Immune and Koreselect Wellness at 15% off when you buy one of each, plus free shipping!

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