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The Right Combination to Unlock Health

The Right Combination to Unlock Health


It can be nearly impossible to maintain a healthy diet that provides you with all of the necessary nutrition that you need to thrive. Taking vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet is almost always a necessity to guarantee a balanced intake of the nutrients your body needs.

The most “complete” vitamin supplements can still lack in providing the full range of health benefits. Enhancing your supplements with superfoods can help fill this gap. Finding a delicious health drink that combines superfoods makes this addition to your daily diet easy and pleasant.


Korea Ginseng Corp’s Hong Sam Won health drink is a potent and delicious combination of the best Korean red ginseng, reishi mushrooms, jujube fruit, cinnamon, and ginger. Hong Sam Wan is designed as an on-the-go health supplement to provide the benefits of Korean red ginseng without the distinctively bitter flavor.

The components in Hong Sam Wan provide a host of health benefits, specifically around the functioning of the immune system, the blood filtration system (e.g., the kidneys), and the excretory system (e.g., the liver). These ingredients also provide anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. Read on to learn about these health benefits.


Korean red ginseng has long been a valued traditional medicinal in Asia. Korea red ginseng has been linked – through tradition and science – to myriad health benefits for the mind and body, inside and out. Korean red ginseng is associated with improved function from the cellular to the organ level.

Korean red ginseng has been shown to improve the production and function of key immune cells. It has also been linked to improved cognitive function, namely concentration, as well as improved cellular regeneration. Korean red ginseng also provides antioxidant benefits. It has also been associated with increased energy and improved sleep – among many other benefits.


Mushrooms generally, and reishi mushrooms particularly, are recognized as a health food. Mushrooms generally provide consumers with, among other things, all types of essential amino acids as well as a moderate amount of protein and fiber, while having a low fat content. Further, mushrooms contain key vitamins and minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Reishi mushrooms have been valued for their medicinal properties for around two millennia across Asia. A traditional medicinal held to promote general health and longevity, more recent scientific evidence suggests that reishi mushrooms promote immune function and liver health and hold anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial properties, among other health benefits.


Jujube fruit are, like reishi mushrooms, another superfood providing a host of vitamins and minerals along with myriad potential health benefits. Jujube fruit is a source of protein, essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and vitamin A – among many other vitamins and minerals.

While scientific evidence is still potentially inconclusive, there is evidence that indicates that jujube fruit may provide a host of health benefits. These benefits may include anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. As well as potentially providing immune-boosting, liver and gastrointestinal protection, and aiding in healthy weight management.


Cinnamon is much more than just a common household spice. Cinnamon is probably best known for its use in baking, mulling, and curries. It is also, though less commonly used in dental hygiene products such as gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash. This use is likely linked to its antimicrobial properties as much as its strong, spicy-astringent flavor.

Lab studies have shown cinnamon to provide a host of health benefits beyond its antimicrobial properties. Cinnamon has also been suggested to offer anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer benefits. As well, scientific evidence seems to point to cinnamon as promoting cardiovascular and immune functioning and may help lower cholesterol.


Ginger is yet another common household ingredient that provides much more than a flavor boost. Ginger, like ginseng, is a root herb. Ginger’s spicy sweet flavor makes it a great additive to tea, poultry, fish, curries, stir-fries, baking, and mulling spice mix. Ginger is commonly known for promoting digestion, stimulating hunger, and easing stomach discomfort.

As with jujube fruit and cinnamon, scientific evidence for the health benefits of ginger is inconclusive. However, studies suggest that ginger may provide anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant benefits. They also suggests that ginger may boost the immune and cardiovascular systems and provide protection and relief from metabolic disorders.


Korea Ginseng Corp is your source for an array of the best Korean red ginseng products available. KGC Korean Red Ginseng products include a wide range of cut ginseng root, ginseng supplements – including their new Koreselect line) and tonics, and delicious teas, flavored drinks, and treats that can help you function at your peak performance. KGC also offers a skin care line (Donginbi) that can help you radiate your inner wellbeing for the world to see.


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