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Why The Elderly Needs Ginseng Supplements

Why The Elderly Needs Ginseng Supplements


Learn the importance of ginseng supplements to seniors’ health.

We all know that the elderly are the most vulnerable when it comes to getting infected with illnesses, especially the common cold and the flu. Our immune system declines as we age, which means having a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and taking supplements, particularly ginseng, are a must. 

Are ginseng supplements really effective?

A recent clinical study on how Korean red ginseng boosts immunity has proven that it does strengthen the immune system through an increase in T cells, B cells, and white blood cells. On the same note, a recent medical journal has found that Korean red ginseng was similar to an antihistamine in terms of improving rhinorrhea, nasal and eye itching, and sleep disturbance in patients with allergic rhinitis. Lastly, recent research found that KRG improves cognitive function in healthy people and patients with Alzheimer’s disease. With these results, we can safely say ginseng does benefit one’s overall health and well-being.

Korean red ginseng on palms

What are the benefits of ginseng supplements to the elderly’s health?

Aside from strengthening the elderly's immune system, improving cognitive functions, and fighting fatigue, regular consumption of ginseng supplements can provide them the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Antioxidants
  • Improved mental performance
  • Healthy blood circulation support

What are the best ginseng supplements in the market today?

Pure Extract - Earth

Ginseng supplements come in many forms -- extract, pills, and tonic. Korea Ginseng Corp.'s CheongKwanJang brand has various ginseng supplements specially formulated for every person in the family, including seniors.

Pure Extract - Earth is one, and it contains 100% of the premium and best Korean red ginseng earth-grade roots handpicked by a Korean red ginseng master. It is available in individual, single-consumption pouches and is pre-mixed with pure, clean water. Pure Extract - Earth features a deep and rich flavor and perfect for those who prefer a bitter blend.

Vital Tonic

As for those who prefer a milder ginseng taste, Vital Tonic is a good product. It is a blend of six-year-old Korean red ginseng, natural herbs, Goji Berry extract, Jujube fruit, and ginger. Vital Tonic comes in convenient 20ml ampoule bottles.

You can also purchase ginseng supplements in capsule form if tonics and extracts are not for you. 

Where are CheongKwanJang ginseng supplements available?

CheongKwanJang ginseng products are available online at The website features a wide range of ginseng products that you can choose from -- from pills to extracts and from tonics and drinks to candies.

You can also check whether your local grocery store carries the CheongKwanJang brand on the Store Locations page.

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