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1st Annual CheongKwanJang Kid's Art Contest

1st Annual CheongKwanJang Kid's Art Contest

1st Annual CheongKwanJang Kid's Art Contest

Children across the country are learning about the importance of health and well-being thanks to a new event, the CheongKwanJang Summer of Health. An art contest with the theme, “Let's Have A Healthy Summer,” inspiring children to express their creativity. This contest was geared toward those around the Los Angeles area and many have expressed interest in the event. Because of this, the judges Heung-sil Lee, CheongKwanJang's CEO for the America Corporation, Mark Gonzalez, California District 53 Assemblymember, in cooperation with Nayeon Kang, KYCC Children and Family Services Director, were asked to participate as judges in this event. The interest in CheongKwanJang’s event for children has been at an all time high and due to the popularity of the program, it’s planned to be offered again in 2023.


The awards ceremony occured on August 12th at the KYCC outdoor foyer. Winners and their families were invited to the ceremony with special spaces for winners and their families. Children, parents, and all the participants took pictures together to commemorate the occasion. CheongKwanJang’s Heung-sil Lee, the corporation's CEO, says: 


"Children are the future. Our job is to keep children healthy. Kids must be healthy in addition to having fun and we will bring this opportunity back so they can have fun again. Korean Red Ginseng is known as an immunity booster. In addition to 'health’, there are also benefits to boost learning ability. We offer products to children that are known to benefit them and if our children have a good 'summer' memory, there is a chance it will mean something to them for the rest of their lives. It is very unfortunate that outdoor activities or studying was hindered for children over the past few years due to COVID. Even though the participation rate was high, I am very positive that we can expand the number of people who come forward so that we can all get outdoors, have fun, and do more.”


Grand prize winner Leo Koh (Kim elementary school, age 10) said, “I was excited when my mom told me about the contest because I remember taking CheongKwanJang’s Kid Tonic when I was a kid”. 

2nd place winner was Sophie Song ( Age 6 from Porter Ranch Elementary School) and 3rd place winner was Ellen Batamgalan (Age 10, CWC Silverlake Elementary School). Each received a cash prize and boxes of Kid's Tonic. 


The purpose of this competition was to raise awareness about the importance of health and encourage creative thinking. By combining these two goals, the Korean community came together to donate CheongKwanJang products and encourage children to be creative.

According to CheongKwanJang, 6-year-Grown Korean Red Ginseng, deer antler, angelica root, and other healthy ingredients are used to create kid friendly balanced products. According to research, Korean Red Ginseng improves immunity, cognitive functions, improved blood circulation, and more.


1st Place Winner Rio Koh (9 years old) 

2nd Place Winner Sophie Song (6 years old)

3rd Place Winner Ellen Batamgalan (10 years old)

Alison Kim (6 years old)

Audrey Oh (6 years old)

Ellie Kang (5 years old)

Hannah Lee ( 5 years old)

Andrea Lopez (10 years old)

Ella Choi (10 years old)

Eric Munkhjin (9 years old)

Gia Hong (9 years old)

Jane Bae (8 years old)

Scarlet Mejicanos (9 years old)

Veronica Cruz (8 years old)

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