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Pure and Potent Korean Red Ginseng

Unlock your full potential with CheongKwanJang, the number one global ginseng brand trusted and loved in over 40 countries. Our 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng is grown in the most nutrient-rich soil, handpicked and extracted using traditional methods to ensure maximum potency. With 120 years of experience, we deliver the most potent ginseng in the world to support your everyday wellness.

Elevate Your Health and Wellbeing

Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, this powerful superfood has been used for centuries to support health and well-being.

Build Stamina & Fight Fatigue

Maintain sustained energy levels throughout the day. This powerful root supports adrenal gland health, combating fatigue caused by a demanding workday, tough workout or any other activity.

Immune Support

Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, Korean Red Ginseng can enhance your body's defenses, helping you stay healthy during cold and flu season. Give your immune system the support it needs with Korean Red Ginseng.

Cognitive Health

Unlock your mental potential with powerful ginsenosides that boost concentration, safeguard brain cells, and increase blood flow for unparalleled mental clarity.

Healthy Blood Flow

Korean Red Ginseng promotes better blood circulation and reduces inflammation, perfect for enhancing athletic performance, alleviating joint pain, or improving overall well-being.

Real Stories, Real People

Incredible UI/UX

Gotta admit, didn’t really like them at first. Only because I had never them before. Slightly bitter, slightly sweet..with hints of ginger and licorice.Took a bit of getting used to the flavor profile but I LOVE them now. They do give you an energy kinda feel...sharper, if that makes any sense. LolI will definitely be buying again. 👍🏼


Incredible UI/UX

I have been using this Red Korean Ginseng product. I heard that KGC Cheong Kwan Jang is the best ginseng brand in the world. Great packaging and great product as always from this company. Since I started using it I have felt energized, have had more stamina in the gym as well as other places and my overall mood has dramatically increased. I would highly recommend this product!


Incredible UI/UX

I've tried many ginseng products and this one is superior. I've been using it over a week and feeling noticeable effects, such as more vitality and endurance. I like how the packets are easy to take with me and use as well! Highly recommended.


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