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What Are Adaptogens?

What Are Adaptogens?

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a creative name given to a selective group of herbs that offer great benefit to the human body and offer a natural way for the human body to maintain its own health.  Adaptogens are natural herbs and are commonly used in the treatment of physical changes that occur in the body when the body is operating under the stress response.  The name adaptogen is very creative and describes exactly the function of the herb.  Adaptogens are able to adapt to help the body maintain equilibrium and health during the body's stress response.  These adaptogens offer qualities that provide benefit to the human body in a variety of ways including maintaining health physically, chemically and biologically.  The body is constantly changing and adapting to new situations, and sometimes our body overcompensates when dealing with intense stress (METTA, 2018). 

This is an opportunity to utilize naturally occurring herbal roots such as Korean red ginseng, which have been utilized for centuries in Chinese medicine to help create an equilibrium and homeostasis for the human body.  The human body does have the ability to heal itself, by maintaining that homeostasis.  That homeostasis can be achieved by maintaining health by utilizing the naturally occurring herbs, roots and plants that offer these adaptogenic properties.

What type of properties do adaptogenic herbs like Korean Red Ginseng offer?

 Korean Red Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb and is best known for its ability to increase energy and reduce fatigue; while also providing anti-inflammatory effects.  Korean Red Ginseng has also been shown to help lower blood glucose levels and help prevent the patient from getting respiratory infections such as influenza.  There have even been studies that have correlated the consumption of Korean Red Ginseng as a modality to offer benefit in those patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction (METTA, 2018).

 A study that was completed by the Swedish Herbal Institute evaluated animals and their reactions to adaptogens.  This study found that adaptogens not only offered neuro-protection, but also had anti-depressive, anti-anxiety, and anti-fatigue properties.  The study went even further to suggest that these adaptogens had CNS stimulating activity and that in the animal study those animals that were exposed to more stress and then given adaptogens were found to have an increased mental work capacity (Panossian, 2010). 

 Korean Red Ginseng is adaptogenic herb that offers these amazing natural benefits for many of the bodies physiologic systems.  At certain lower doses of Korean Red Ginseng it has been shown to have many benefits to blood pressure control.  At low doses it helps to raise it; while at other doses it is an adaptogen and adapts to the bodies needs which results in stabilization of the blood pressure in many instances.  It does this physiologically by adjusting the vascular tone within the body.  By vasoconstriction or vasodilation of blood vessels the blood pressure changes to meet the bodies immediate need.  This is just one of many adaptogenic effects of Korean Red Ginseng (Irfan, 2020).

 Korean Red Ginseng also offers anti platelet effects and anti thrombotic effects.  There are so many anti platelet and anti thrombotic medications currently on the market in the Western medicine realm; however, these have serious and even sometimes fatal consequences as there are no reversal agents in many instances to these drugs.  Korean Red Ginseng offers natural anti-platelet and anti-thrombotic effects with very few complications.  Korean Red Ginseng functions differently in different types of cells within the body to provide a homeostasis within the body.  Having the ability to provide these different effects based on what the body needs is just another indication of the benefits that the Korean Red Ginseng with its adaptogenic properties offers to the public (Irfan, 2020). 


While the research for the properties of the best Korean Red Ginseng are still currently being evaluated, the initial research is quite impressive.  As research continues, we will be able to continue to see the added benefits of Korean Red Ginseng on the health and well being of others.

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