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What? You Can Do Effective Cardio Exercises at Home?

What? You Can Do Effective Cardio Exercises at Home?

Who Would Have Thought?

Taking a little time out of your schedule to plan a few quick cardio workouts can really do wonders for your heart rate and circulatory system. The thing that’s great about them from the comfort of your own home is that it’s not only super convenient, it’s also more efficient and saves money since you don’t need any fancy cardio equipment or gym membership. If you have your own home gym space—even better.

Using a little creativity, you can put together a fun cardio routine that covers some very effective exercises that not only burn calories but also build lean body mass (not to mention give you a better night’s sleep.

You’ll find that the home cardio exercises below can be executed not just at home, but practically anywhere. Remember, health & fitness is a lifestyle choice that extends far beyond fitness centers, so let’s get going!

Jumping Jacks

A personal favorite of mine, classic Jumping Jacks can really give you a good cardio burn. It’s an aerobic exercise that can help to reduce weight and body fat.

Jumping Jacks also tone your legs (especially those inner and outer thighs), torso, and deltoids (shoulder muscles). You can also bend at your belly while doing these to tone your lower abs too!

How: Repeatedly jumping the feet out widely while circling your arms overhead, then back down again.

Why: Jumping jacks burn around 100 calories in a 10 minute period and no special equipment or skills are needed.

Requirements: A good pair of running shoes and a healthy heart

What to look out for: Jumping jacks are a high impact exercise that may put pressure on your joints.


How: You jog in a stationary position, lifting your knees up as high as possible. Try to do these for at least 60 seconds.

Why: It's super easy and gets the heart rate up. It’s also a fantastic way to warm up for more intensive exercises.

Requirements: A good pair of running shoes.

What to look out for: Like Jumping Jacks, Knee-ups are high impact exercises, which may tax your joints. It can also seem a little boring at times.

Squat Jumps

How: Squat down so that your thighs are parallel with the floor. With your hands at your sides, spring up as high as you can. Firmly land back down into the squat position.

Why: Squat Jumps are a powerful plyometric exercise that will not only boost your heart rate and burn calories like a furnace, it can also build up lean body mass in your legs, big-time!

Requirements: You need strong leg and hip joints, a good pair of running shoes, and since this is a more challenging exercise, some experience with high impact exercises in general.

Precautions: Squats are both a high impact and high-intensity exercise. They require strong joints and a strong heart. As with any other plyometric exercise, you’ll want to land softly to protect your joints.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

How: Begin flipping the rope through the handles repeatedly and jumping over it. You can also (optional) imagine that you’re Rocky Balboa training.

Why: Jump Rope is great for your cardiovascular system and burns about 220 calories in 20 minutes. Also, Jump ropes are inexpensive, travel well, and don’t require any special skills.

Requirements: You’ll need a good jump rope, a good pair of running shoes, and some patience.

Precautions: This exercise may look easy but its high impact and require coordination. In order to get the best results, don’t go all out (or show off in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend) at first. Take it slow until you get used to doing the repetitions, then you can speed it up as you come along.

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Galacturonic acid may strengthen the body’s natural immune response by strengthening the activation of macrophages. This, in turn, increases the activation of natural killer and T cells, which are both involved in boosting the body’s immune response.

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