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Beat Insomnia and Boost Your Immune System with Koreselect Energy

Beat Insomnia and Boost Your Immune System with Koreselect Energy

Meet the Day with Energy and Immunity

As we begin flu season and end of summer nears, now is the time to prepare your immune system for illness that can result from harsh temperatures and a barrage of germs.

Many people, due to competing demands in life, suffer from chronic insomnia, which can add insult to injury when it comes to your immune system. Lack of sleep both weakens your immune system and makes it difficult to muster the energy to do what you need. Fortunately, Koreselect Energy supplement can help in both these domains – energy and immunity -- simultaneously.

Whole-System Maintenance and Defense

Koreselect Energy is made from an extra-potent concentration of Korea Ginseng Corp’s red ginseng. KGC manufactures the best Korean red ginseng, which comes from the highest quality ginseng root and is steamed to maintain its chemical structure while providing the highest level of medicinal potency. Among the numerous health benefits of Korean red ginseng is its ability to assist your immune system in maintaining its natural balance.

Ginseng also boosts the capacity of the body’s internal systems – including the immune system – to remain adaptable in response to circumstances such as stressors and threats of infection. Korean red ginseng can thus help your immune system continue to function at its peak to maintain performance in harsh climates and fend off invasions by germs.

Further, Korean red ginseng has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties. Beyond just maintaining the capacity of the immune system to maintain balance in face of insults and threats, Korean red ginseng promotes the immune system’s ability to fend off infection and illness and the microbial attacks that cause them. In addition, Korean red ginseng can also help to diminish the effects of infections and inflammation and speed recovery.

Individual Immune System Component Regulation

Through its natural functioning, your immune system acts as the first defense against infection, acting to identify and fend off microbial invaders that attempt to infect and weaken the immune system. Beyond maintaining the balance and function of the whole of the immune system, Korean red ginseng also boosts immune system functioning in each individual organ and at the cellular level. 

The immune system is comprised of numerous components, including barriers that come in contact with the external world such as skin and the digestive system, as well as immune cells including: macrophages, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, T cells and B cells. These immune system components work to identify and  fend off or destroy invading germs. Cytokine proteins, which are important for the immune system’s internal communications to leverage an immune defense response, are also important in this system. Each of these components perform key defensive functions in and of themselves and Korean red ginseng supports the integrity, function, and balance of these immune system components.

Koreselect Energy and Immunity

Korean Ginseng Corp’s Koreselect Energy supplement offers a potent and easy deliver system for a super-concentrated dose of Korean red ginseng. Koreselect Energy liquid sticks can be taken alone or added to your morning tea. The Koreselect Energy supplement will provide you with all of the medicinal immune supportive powers of Korean red ginseng, plus the energizing effects of Korean red ginseng so you can start your day with a healthy boost of energy and immunity. 

Korea Ginseng Corp

Choose Korea Ginseng Corp for the best Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng is the most potent form of ginseng.  Korea Ginseng Corp offers a range of Korean Red Ginseng products including delicious and healthy teas, candies, tonics, and more. All of KGC’s products are made from KGC’s highest quality Korean red ginseng extract to help you boost your immune system so you can meet the day.  Korea Ginseng Corp’s skincare line, Donginbi, offers a range of products to help you radiate your internal well-being for the external world.

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